Membership benefits

JHL’s membership benefits are immensely diverse. They range from working life security to benefits for leisure time. A shop steward protects your interests in the workplace, and you’ll have many possibilities to educate yourself. A comprehensive insurance package and a member magazine are yours for free. You can get discount on all kinds of things, including cruises, hotels, holiday destinations, exercise services and audiobooks.

Your benefits in working life

One membership fee covers all of the services and benefits offered by the union, unemployment fund, regional office and branch.

What you’ll get:

  • A collective agreement negotiated by your trade union JHL. It determines for instance your pay, working time and annual holiday.
  • Help from your workplace shop steward and your branch.
  • Diverse courses organised by the union and financial aid for open UAS studies (UAS = university of applied sciences).
  • The option to seek free legal aid and the services of a lawyer if you face problems in working life.
  • Help from the regional office and your branch in various working life situations, and the chance to participate in courses and events organised by them.
  • Security in case of unemployment.

In addition to working life benefits, members get to enjoy many kinds of benefits in their leisure time. Make use of JHL’s membership benefits and save money!


Insurance benefits from Turva

The travel insurance policy provides cover for union members under 70 years of age. If you turn 70 during your journey, you must have purchased a travel insurance policy for those journey days of the year during which you are 70 years of age or older.

Those insured by the travel insurance policy are the persons travelling with the JHL member: the member’s children under the age of 15, the member’s grandchildren, and the children of the member’s spouse. Also the children under the age of 15 who live in the same household and belong to the travel party are covered by the insurance policy.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance covers treatment expenses of an illness or accident that occurs during travel. In addition, the insurance policy covers expenses caused by journey cancellation or interruption and being late for the journey.

Travel insurance does not apply to luggage

Damage to luggage is not covered by travel insurance. Luggage must be insured separately. You should check your home insurance because luggage might be covered by it.

The insurance policy is valid for all union members until the day the member turns 70. Accident insurance for leisure time is valid everywhere in the world. However, it is not valid in competitive sports or related training, or in the sports or hobbies mentioned in the terms and conditions.

The insurance policy includes compensation for permanent harm caused by an accident, but not for the treatment expenses related to the accident.

JHL also provides remote working insurance for its members. The insurance policy is valid in the remote working place during meals, breaks, and usual activities unrelated to remote work. It is valid indoors and in the yard of the remote working place.

Organisation insurance includes

  • travel insurance
  • luggage insurance
  • travel liability insurance
  • legal expenses travel insurance

For instance, you and your luggage are insured during courses and member events organised by the JHL Institute or the union.

With life insurance, you can ensure that your loved one will make do financially if you suddenly pass away some day. For instance, home loan and other expenses will not have to fall on the surviving spouse in their entirety.

Turvassa life insurance is a new life insurance policy that’s especially affordable to JHL members:

  • only €6.77/month (price example from 2021: 30-year-old JHL member, insurance compensation €100,000).

Turvassa life insurance is granted by LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Buy life insurance at

The national service number for JHL members, 010 195 109, is available on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

The service number for claims services, 010 195 108, is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm.

The service numbers carry the local network charge everywhere in Finland.

Insurance benefits from If and Kaleva

As a member of JHL, you can buy life insurance for yourself or your partner as a separate insurance policy, or for the two of you as a more affordable two-person policy. With couple’s insurance, it’s enough that the other insured person is a member of JHL.

An example: The insured persons are a 30-year-old JHL member and their partner of the same age, a €100,000 life insurance policy as a two-person policy, a total of €9.80/month.

Learn more at (in Finnish).

The union’s holiday locations

We offer you affordable holiday locations around Finland. We also have Holiday Club timeshares available for you around Finland.

Information technology

Cruises and hotels


As a membership benefit, Tallink Silja and Club One provide Silver-level Club One benefits to JHL members. Joining is free of charge for you. When joining, add the union’s contract code in the field reserved for it (Agency ID) on the joining form. JHL’s contract code is 5596.

If you’re already a Club One member, and you’re on the Bronze level, send an e-mail to to have the benefit added to your account information.

Become a Club One loyal customer at (in Finnish). When joining, use the contract code 5596.

Trade Union JHL members get a 20% discount on the daily webshop price of cruises and route trips. The discount applies to both passenger and vehicle tickets. The discount is valid until Thursday 29 February 2024. (Please note! From 26 June to 13 August 2023, the discount is 10 per cent)

The discounts are only available in the webshop. When booking, use the product code JARJ23.

  1. Start your booking by selecting the route, dates, departures, passengers and vehicles Eckeröline/JHL in the booking zone in the upper part of the page.
  2. On the booking page that opens next, find and select “Tuotekoodi” (Product code).
  3. Enter the product code in the field.
  4. The product code will be downloaded, and you can see the discount line in your shopping basket.
  5. Select the additional services of your desire and continue making the booking.

Make a booking: Eckeröline/JHL

When collecting the tickets, be prepared to show a valid membership card or personal ID card.

As for meeting packages and route and cruise trips, see the member prices here (in Finnish).

Viking Line provides benefits on leisure-time trips for JHL members. The benefit can be up to 20% of the day’s price. When booking a trip, mention you’re a JHL member and be prepared to show your JHL membership card when collecting the tickets.

See here for more information on the benefits and product codes (in Finnish):  Viking Line – JHL benefits


The Nallikari Holiday Village in Oulu provides a 15% discount to JHL members on the price of the day of holiday cottages and Poiju Villas.

The benefit is valid until 31 May 2023 and between 1 September and 22 December 2023 for reservations lasting at least 2 nights. To get a discount on your booking, use the campaign code LIITTOETU  on the holiday village’s booking website no later than seven days before your arrival.

The discount is granted on the day’s price when paying upon arrival, and it cannot be combined with other discounts, offers or reservations made through a third party. The benefit does not apply to additional services.

Regular terms and conditions concerning cancellation and payment apply to the reservations. Limited availability of discounted accommodation. Show your membership card when checking in. The discount is available for individual reservations.

Learn about the destination and book your holiday at

At Yyteri Hotel & Spa, members of JHL get 20 per cent off on standard rooms and all regular-priced accommodation packages (excluding suites).

Special benefit: one-day family package for EUR 120/day, includes one-day accommodation in a family room (two adults and two children aged 4–14), buffet breakfast, use of spa and gym.

The benefits are valid from 2 January to 31 May 2023, and from 1 September to 31 December 2023. Please note! Not valid during special events and holidays.

Book directly with the hotel, either by phone (02 628 5300) or by e-mail ( Already when booking, mention you’re a JHL member.

GreenStar Hotels provide affordable fixed-price accommodation in Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Lahti and Vaasa to JHL members.

Make a reservation at, reservation code SAK. Be prepared to show your union membership card in the reception.

Find accommodation in the Nordic and Baltic countries with a 15% discount. As a JHL member, you get a 15% discount on the day’s prices in all hotels belonging to the Nordic Choice Hotels chain. The offer is valid in all room categories throughout the year, when the accommodation day is a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Make a reservation at You can pay for the accommodation as you arrive at the hotel. Reservations can be cancelled without costs by 4 pm on the day of arrival.

Sunday–Thursday, 20% discount on

  • hotel rooms
  • holiday homes
  • half-board and full-board meals

Friday–Saturday, 10% discount on

  • hotel rooms
  • holiday homes
  • half-board and full-board meals

Terms and conditions of reservations:

  • To get the discount, make your reservation by calling Imatra Spa Resort’s sales service (tel. 0300 870 502) or send an e-mail to
  • The reservation must be made by the name of a union member or union staff member, and the union benefit must be mentioned when making the reservation. If even one of the customers staying in the accommodation space is a JHL member of JHL staff member, the discount is granted. The customer must prove that they’re a member by showing their membership card.
  • The discounts don’t concern Chalet suites, Villas flats, pre-paid discounted prices, special offer prices, holiday packages, or other booking channels.
  • Limited number of reservations at a discount price allowed. The discounts are not valid during the following weeks: 1, 8-10, 27-29, 52.
  • Regular terms and conditions concerning cancellation and payment apply to the reservations.

Excellent benefit for JHL members until 22 June 2023.

50% discount on the daily price of Ikaalinen Spa accommodation options (except for WoW rooms). Use the code 20KESUM23.

Book directly from the webshop at The offer only applies to new reservations and it can’t be combined with other offers, limited availability. Available for accommodations from 1 May to 22 June 2023 as long as there are rooms available.

The accommodation is paid when booking, no right to cancellation or exchange. Additional beds at a normal price.

All accommodations include breakfast and the free use of the spa and gym.

As of 23 June 2023:

Ikaalinen Spa offers JHL members a discount on the rooms in the main building and Lofts building. From Sunday to Wednesday the discount is 20 per cent, and from Thursday to Saturday 15 per cent of the day’s price.

The discount is available with the code JHL. You can either book online or contact the sales service (03 4511 /

The offer is valid until 31 December 2023 and it can’t be combined with other offers.

PLEASE NOTE! Additional benefit in February: 50 per cent off on the day’s price. The benefit applies to all Superior Lake, Superior, Standard and Economy rooms. To redeem the benefit, use the code JJK1 in Ikaalinen Spa’s webshop.

The offer only applies to new reservations and it can’t be combined with other offers, limited availability. Available for accommodations until 5 March 2023 as long as there are rooms available. Max 2 nights.

All accommodations include breakfast and the free use of the spa and gym. 

The Folks Hotel Konepaja Helsinki provides an accommodation benefit for JHL members: 10% off on the day’s room price. Book directly through the hotel’s website at Use the code LIITTOETU. The discounted prices are valid until 31 December 2023.

The hotel has a total of 146 rooms. The Folks Hotel Konepaja was opened in 2020 in the historical Konepaja area in Vallila.

The room price includes the use of the wellness centre which has a high-quality gym, Finnish sauna and steam sauna. There are parking places and recharging points for electric cars outside of the hotel. They can be booked in advance. The hotel also has well-equipped conference rooms and a restaurant named Albina.

Hotel AX/Primehotels is offering a 15% leisure-time accommodation discount to JHL members on the lowest published daily prices.

When you book your accommodation online at and use the booking code JHLAX, you’ll also get a 10-euro voucher for Hotel AX’s restaurant (one voucher per booking, valid for the period of your stay). The benefit is valid until 31 December 2023. When checking in, please show your membership card in the hotel reception.

Hotel AX is located at Välimerenkatu 18, 00180 Helsinki.
The hotel is Finland’s first art hotel. The main artist there is Stefan Lindfors.

JHL members now get a 20% discount on all types of stay at Polku Hotel in Nuuksio, Espoo. Redeem the discount with the code JHL20. Outside the busy season (as of 3 September), you can get a discount of 50% on at least three-night stays with the code JHL50.

The hotel is located in the middle of the beautiful Nuuksio Natural Park, only about a half-hour’s drive from Helsinki. It has a total of 17 rooms or suites. In addition, the hotel building has a restaurant, living space, meeting rooms of various sizes, a gym and a sauna.

By the lake shore there is a lakeside sauna and a unique hut that can be booked.

The offer can’t be combined with other offers or used for previously made reservations. The offer is valid until further notice and only for reservations made at in advance. JHL members can redeem the offer once. We reserve the right to changes.

Financially assisted holidays for JHL members

The holiday organisations “Hyvinvointilomat ry” and “Palkansaajien hyvinvointi ja terveys PHT ry” provide financially assisted holidays.

Hyvinvointilomat ry organises financially assisted full-board holidays. In order to apply to be selected for a holiday, visit the Hyvinvointilomat website (in Finnish). Anyone can apply to be selected for these holidays.

A person can be selected for a financially assisted holiday on financial, social and health grounds. Hyvinvointilomat gives scores for the applications based on the information it has received. Hyvinvointilomat ry selects the participants and notifies of the selections in writing. Applying and being selected don’t require trade union membership.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health supports the well-being holidays with profits from the gaming company Veikkaus.

You can either look for a holiday by starting date or holiday destination. Look for holidays through this link (page in Finnish):

Palkansaajien hyvinvointi ja terveys PHT organises well-being courses for adults and families with children.

The family courses are meant for families with preschool-aged or school-aged children. The purpose is to help families exercise more and adopt healthy habits in their daily life. The aim is to find the joy of exercise by trying out different kinds of sport and spending time together.

On the adult courses, participants seek methods for coming to terms with themselves. They are also supported in making a lifestyle renovation. The courses enable you to learn about new forms of exercise, get information on nutrition, and take part in guided exercise in a nature-near environment.
Courses for adults usually last one week. The courses have been divided into three short periods of contact studies.

The study periods are arranged around Finland. PHT promotes health and well-being with support from Veikkaus.

Learn more about the well-being courses (page in Finnish). To apply, go to PHT’s website (in Finnish) and use the electronic form.

PHT is in charge of selecting the participants and organising the study periods. Applying and being selected don’t require trade union membership. Those who have been selected will be notified by PHT in writing.

SAL-lomat gives you financial support when you participate in PHT’s well-being courses. For adult courses, the deductible is EUR 25 per day. If you participate in all the periods of contact studies during the course “Pysyvään muutokseen”, you can get a compensation of EUR 50. SAL-lomat supports the members of SAK’s member unions.

For family courses, SAL-lomat provides a compensation of EUR 25 for each participant over 6 years of age.

Other accommodation offers

Finnish hostel card for free

Because you’re a JHL member, you can order the free-of-charge Finnish hostel card for yourself. The card entitles you to a discount of 10% on regular accommodation prices in all HI hostels in Finland. The benefit is personal. Learn about the network at

International hostel card at a member price

The international hostel card is available to you at a lowered price. The card entitles you to a 10% discount on accommodation in Finnish hostels and close to 3,500 Hostelling International (HI) hostels around the world. In addition, the card entitles you to other international hostel card benefits. To purchase an International hostel card at a member price, go to

The Utkujärvi cabins are located by lake Utkujärvi, about 10 kilometres north of Muonio. JHL members and JHL’s local branches get a price discount.

There are 4 ends of a semi-detached house for rent. All of them have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, shower and living room. The newer semi-detached house has a shared living room and a sauna at both ends (the older end has a shared sauna). In addition, there is a large main building with beds for 4-8 people, and an institutional kitchen.

In the area there are boats, a lakeside sauna, smoke sauna and a hut. Learn more:


Photo: Neste

Special Neste benefit for JHL members during April 2023:

During April, Neste provides a discount of 5 cents/litre to JHL members on petrol and diesel. You’ll get the discount on fuel purchases made through the Neste app by adding information about being a JHL member in the app. Read more (in Finnish).

Permanent benefit during other times: Trade Union JHL members get a discount of 2.1 cents on petrol or diesel. The discount applies to Neste service stations.

You should primarily make use of the benefit with the Neste app. If you have a plastic JHL membership card that you received before 2023 and you wish to have the benefit added in your membership card, order a new card through myJHL. The card supplier will send you the card in about two weeks.

Instructions on redeeming the benefit

Green Motion provides a discount of at least 15% for JHL members on car rental in all its branches in Finland. When booking, use the code JHLAUTO15.

Exercise, health and well-being

Enjoy the tropical mood and spa pampering, and let loose in the waterpark at Flamingo Spa in Vantaa. Members of Trade Union JHL get their tickets at a significantly lower price.

  • Entrance to adult spa: 30% discount on normal price. The benefit is personal and it can’t be combined with other special prices.
  • Entrance to waterpark: 30% discount on normal price: The benefit is personal and it can’t be combined with other special prices.
  • Entrance to Funpark: 30% discount on regular-priced entrance tickets for those under 18 years of age. The price advantage is family specific and it can’t be combined with other special prices.

All the benefits are available on site by showing a valid JHL membership card. The benefits are valid from Monday to Thursday, from 15 August 2022 to 31 December 2023.

Driim is a Finnish online coaching service that provides training related to relationships, career and personal finances along with physical and mental well-being. The coaches are top-notch in the country – they include Perttu Pölönen, Anne Kukkohovi, Baba Lybeck, Erkka Westerlund and Sami Jauhojärvi.

As a member of Driim, you’ll get access to a continuously increasing online coaching library available to you whenever, wherever and with any device.

JHL members get Driim’s comprehensive online coaching library for a lifetime at half price, only €40 a year, with the code “JHLDRIIM”. Redeem the offer on Driim’s website (in Finnish). Membership is valid for one year. After that, it will be automatically renewed unless cancelled during the year.

The Finnish online yoga service provides yoga, meditation, muscle fitness and body care classes to JHL members at a member price. There are also classes for the whole family.

JHL members get a 20% discount on a 12-month membership in Yogaia. JHL members get to take part in all the classes at a member price, both live and pre-recorded classes. Try out the service for free for 14 days!

The discounted price for the first year is EUR 95.90. The subscription is continuous, and the annual fee will be charged after two weeks unless the subscription has been cancelled.

To get a redemption code, visit myJHL’s page that has special offers for members.

The Finnish webshop FitBalance (page in Finnish) provides a large selection of exercise equipment, muscle care products and exercise machines. They help you exercise easily and effectively, even at home.

As a member of Trade Union JHL, you’ll get a 20% discount on all normal-priced products by entering the code JHL20 at checkout. On the company’s website, there are also various free workout programmes.

Members of Trade Union JHL now get a 20 per cent discount on all Bodymaja body composition measurements. You can measure your body composition at Bodymaja self-service points without an appointment. The measurements are made with high-quality InBody 770 measuring devices.

After the measurement, you’ll get a report that includes approximately 40 different indicators, such as muscle-fat diagnosis, fat percentage, amount of harmful visceral fat, and half-differences of musculature. The meaning of each indicator is also explained.

Redeem the membership benefit by going to and using the code JHL20. Enter the code at checkout at “Paina tästä ja kirjoita kuponkikoodi” (Press here and enter the coupon code). The benefit is valid until further notice, it applies to all measurement packages and gift cards. Visit the Bodymaja website for self-service point locations and usage instructions.

The Puhti service enables you to get a snapshot of your health status and what you should make an effort with when maintaining your health. Puhti offers health checks and various test packages related to, say, vitamin levels, iron stores, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.

JHL members get a 15% discount on Puhti test packages and tests by using the code JHL15. The offer is valid until 31 December 2023. The benefit does not apply to gift cards.

Learn about the test packages and make use of the member offer! (in Finnish)

Puhti’s most popular test package, “Puhti-terveystarkastus” includes 30 indicators that give you versatile health information. It includes a complete blood count and information on cholesterol, blood sugar, vitamin D, ferritin, inflammatory condition, and thyroid, liver and kidney function.

The tests can be taken in several localities around Finland without a doctor’s referral. The easy-to-understand results are available in the “Oma Puhti” service, usually already the following weekday. You can take them with you when visiting, say, a doctor or nutritionist.

Dental health service company Oral Hammaslääkärit grants discounts to JHL members on various kinds of dental care. JHL members will get the discounts by proving that they are union members, for example by showing their valid membership card (plastic or mobile card). When visiting Oral, JHL members should say the unabbreviated name of the union, which is “Julkisten ja hyvinvointialojen liitto JHL” (Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL) in order to get the discount, instead of using the abbreviation JHL.

  • 50% discount on the first treatment visit.
    The discount is granted on a dental examination by a general dentist or tartar removal by a dental hygienist. Please note: Only first-time Oral customers are entitled to the discount.
  • 5% discount on general dental care treatment visits.
    Please note: The discount doesn’t apply to treatment by a dental specialist, aesthetic oral care, laboratory expenses or other separately charged expenses.

The discounts are always calculated based on the valid price list. They can’t be combined with any other campaign, offer or discounted prices. The discounts also do not concern service fees.

Check the Oral locations in Finland

Instrumentarium provides significant discounts to JHL members on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. JHL members get the discount by showing their union membership card.

The membership benefits also apply to family members.

  • normal-priced eyeglasses -30%
  • eye exam by optician €0 (free)
  • extended eye exam €35 (available in some Instrumentarium stores, includes fundus photography of the eye)
  • normal-priced sunglasses -20%
  • normal-priced contact lenses -25%
  • contact lens fitting sessions: 1st fitting free of charge, follow-up fittings: follow-up inspection free of charge.

Nissen provides significant discounts to JHL members on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. JHL members get the discount by showing their union membership card.

The membership benefits also apply to family members.

  • normal-priced eyeglasses -30%
  • eye exam by optician €0 (free)
  • normal-priced sunglasses -20%
  • normal-priced contact lenses -25%
  • contact lens fitting sessions: 1st fitting free of charge, follow-up fittings: follow-up inspection free of charge.

Keops provides significant discounts to JHL members on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. JHL members get the discount by showing their union membership card.

The membership benefits also apply to family members.


  • normal-priced eyeglasses -30%
  • eye exam by optician €0 (free)
  • normal-priced sunglasses -20%
  • normal-priced contact lenses -25%
  • contact lens fitting sessions: 1st fitting free of charge, follow-up fittings: follow-up inspection free of charge.

JHL members get a 20 per cent discount on WellO2 breathing exercise devices. The discount applies to the entire webshop selection.

To get the discount, visit the WellO2 webshop or call the customer service number 010 583 7966. Use the code JHL.

See the entire offer: Wello2 tarjous JHL

WellO2 is a breathing exercise device developed in Finland. Its working principle is based on a technology that combines the effect of an adjustable resistance for breathing and warm water vapour. Its purpose is to maintain and further develop breathing health. The device is suitable for everyone who wants to look after their breathing.

Clothes, accessories, beauty and decor

The Finnish company Image Wear provides work clothes and shoes to JHL members at a member price. Members get a 15% discount on all work clothes and shoes.

To find the discount code for webshop purchases, go to myJHL’s page that has special offers for members. Log into myJHL to get the code.

When shopping in an Image Wear store, show your JHL membership card to get the discount.

The company manufactures industrial work clothes and clothes for the health sector, restaurant and hospitality services, and service sector. The company also sells Finnish work shoes.

Learn more about the products in the Image Wear webshop (in Finnish).

Image Wear is a Finnish family company that started its operation in 1959.

Kultajousi Oy provides product discounts to members. Members who show their JHL membership card at the beginning of making a purchase get significant benefits in all Kultajousi and Westerback stores.

Watches –15 %
Gold jewellery and gold chains –20 %
Diamond jewellery –20 %
Silver jewellery –20 %
Silverware –20 %
Gift items –20 %
Kalevala, Lapponia, Lumoava and RLP jewellery –15 %
Kultaseppä Tarkkanen design –10 %

The discount applies to normal-priced products. The discounts are always calculated based on Kultajousi’s recommended prices.

The prices of custom orders and pieces of work are determined on a case-by-case basis.

The benefit is valid in all Kultajousi and Westerback 1897 stores.

As a member of Trade Union JHL, you’ll get a 25 per cent discount on all normal-priced products in the Nobe webshop. Nobe has an extensive range of skin and hair care products and makeup.

Learn about the range of products (in Finnish) at Redeem the discount by entering the discount code JHL25.
All orders are sent within 24 hours on weekdays. Orders exceeding EUR 50 will be sent without delivery costs.

The membership benefit discount is valid until the end of 2023.

Mjuk is an online marketplace for second-hand furniture (in Finnish). It enables you to buy and sell used furniture without a hassle.

Mjuk provides a 15% discount on JHL members’ purchases with the discount code JHL15.

If you sell your furniture through Mjuk, you can get a free pick-up for them in certain localities. The service is available in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere and Turku. The pick-up offer is valid with the code JHL.

The Made in Finland Shop provides a 5% discount to JHL members on the entire webshop selection. The benefit does not apply to outlet products. Make your order through this link, use the code JHL5 to get the discount. The discount is valid until further notice.

The Made in Finland Shop is a family company founded in 2018. Its purpose is to help Finnish companies fight for market space against cheap imported furniture and decoration products. All the webshop products are made in Finland. The webshop has products from both small entrepreneurs and large Finnish manufacturers. The products are made to last use and time.

Magazines, books and audiobooks

Motiivi is a journalistic professional and organisational magazine published by JHL. The magazine reaches both decision makers and professionals. It provides information, emotional content, and tools. It gives information on current affairs concerning various occupations and workplaces, and keeps members up to date on questions related to working life and protection of interests.

The magazine provides information on courses, events and changing and permanent membership benefits.

Motiivi is delivered to homes 7 times a year. In addition, news and articles are published weekly in its online version.

You can read the online magazine at The website also contains all Motiivi online magazines  starting from 2015.

If your family is subscribing to several magazines, or if you’d rather read your magazine online, you can cancel the paper magazine delivered to your home with this form on Motiivi’s website (in Finnish).

Also follow Motiivi’s latest articles on Facebook!

Try out BookBeat for free for 40 days! During the trial period, you will get access to BookBeat Premium, a service with which you can listen to and read an unlimited number of e-books and audiobooks from a selection of over 300,000 books.

To redeem the benefit, go to: (page in Finnish).

After the trial period, your subscription will continue automatically in accordance with the package you selected (starting from €9.99 a month). BookBeat has no set period for subscriptions, you can discontinue your subscription whenever you wish. The benefit is valid for new BookBeat users.

JHL is giving its members the opportunity to get absorbed in the world of hundreds of thousands of books with the help of Nextory, an e-book and audiobook service. Read and listen to books for 45 days free of charge. The trial period entitles to 30 hours of reading and listening.

Redeem the benefit with three easy steps:

  1. Go to (in Finnish)
  2. Register by using the code JHL45
  3. Download the Nextory app, log in, enjoy the comprehensive selection!

The offer is valid for new Nextory customers. After the trial period, your order will continue automatically (price starting from €9.99 a month). The subscription has no binding time limit.

Based on the number of prints, Voima is Finland’s largest cultural magazine. It raises societal themes from abroad and from Finland. The magazine has been published since 1999.

JHL members get 20% off on all normal-priced products in Voima’s webshop. In addition to Voima’s annual subscription, the webshop selection includes societal literature, clothes and posters. Subscribe here: (page in Finnish). Redeem the discount by entering the discount code VoimaJHL at checkout.

The Le monde diplomatique & Novaja Gazeta magazine contains no-nonsense facts about the world and familiarises the readers with the latest political twists and turns.

The Le Monde diplomatique magazine is published in 18 different languages, there are 29 various editions. Finland’s Le Monde diplomatique has been published since 2007. A special feature of Finland’s “Diplo” is that it also publishes articles originally published in the Russian newspaper Novaja Gazeta. It also includes a Finnish literature annex.

JHL members get 20% off on the digital Diplo subscription. Subscribe here: (page in Finnish). Redeem the discount by entering the discount code DiploJHL at checkout.

“Elintarvike ja Terveys” is a magazine representing professional kitchen experts and the food industry sector. It provides current information on food services and the food industry sector, and on how legislation is applied. The central topics of the magazine are own-checks of food businesses and further developing them, food safety, hygiene, food technology and quality issues. The magazine comes out six times a year. As a membership benefit, JHL members can subscribe to the magazine at half price: fixed-term annual subscription EUR 27.50, continuous subscription EUR 25. Subscribe here: To get the membership benefit, write “I’m a JHL member” in the field for comments.

Telma is a shared magazine of the Finnish Work Environment Fund and the Centre for Occupational Safety. It has expert articles on occupational safety, well-being at work and the changing world of work. The magazine comes out four times a year. You can subscribe to it free of charge here (site in Finnish).

JHL members get an annual discount of EUR 10 on the subscription fees of employee magazines.

Your local branch, too, might grant financial support for subscribing to the magazines. You should ask your local branch about the financial support.

When you are subscribing to a magazine, notify that you are a trade union member. If your local branch provides a magazine benefit, also give the local branch’s contact information.

Employee magazines:

Demokraatti, Helsinki
Kansan Tahto, Oulu
Kansan Uutiset Viikkolehti, Helsinki
Tiedonantaja, Helsinki
Viikko Pohjois-Karjala, Joensuu
Arbetarbladet, Helsingfors
Ny Tid, Helsingfors

Members of Trade Union JHL get a 30 per cent discount on all normal-priced Into Kustannus books in the webshop.

Redeem the discount by using the campaign code JHL. The discount can’t be combined with other offers.

Into Kustannus is a Finnish publishing house that has been in operation since 2007. Its selection includes children’s books, science books, fiction and historical books.

Learn about the selection at

Other benefits

A nice, handy-sized time management tool that’s always with you. Order the free calendar through myJHL.

The calendar will be posted with the Motiivi magazine issue that comes out in November. If you notified at the latest at the end of September in myJHL that you wish to order the calendar, you’ll receive it with the magazine. Once you’ve marked in your details that you wish to order the calendar, you’ll continue to receive it free of charge. You won’t have to make a separate order every year.

If you won’t need the calendar in the future, let us know in myJHL. At the same time, you should check that your contact details and employment information are up to date in the union register.

In case you forgot to order the calendar, ask for it from your regional office or from the Membership Service.

How to order the 2024 JHL calendar through myJHL

You can order the calendar in the myJHL service. The calendar is free of charge.

If you haven’t ever logged into myJHL, read about the service and how to log in.

Once you’ve logged into myJHL, select “Products and orders” from the menu on the left side.

If you’re using a mobile device, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen after logging in. A menu will open on your screen.

Select “Products and orders”.

Once you’ve made the order, it will continue automatically in the coming years.

As the calendar is a subscription product, the union can diminish, say, paper consumption and costs related to manufacturing, delivering and recycling calendars. When the calendar is only ordered by those who need it, we can save our valuable natural resources.

Trade Union JHL members now get a five per cent discount in Staypro’s webshop. The discount applies to the entire selection, including already discounted products.

The discount is valid until the end of 2023. To redeem the discount, use the code JHLFI15 and go to the webshop through this link (site in Finnish). is a Finnish service for adult music enthusiasts. It has 15,000 instruction videos about playing band instruments and singing meant for all kinds of enthusiasts, from beginners to more advanced musicians.

Trade Union JHL members now get access to the service at an affordable price. The JHL membership benefit includes a free one-month trial period. After that, you can continue training at a 40 per cent discount.

Redeem the benefit at (site in Finnish).

As a member of Trade Union JHL, you’ll get a 20% discount on all Fredrikson graduation caps. The discount also concerns embroidery and cap storage boxes.

To get the discount, enter the code JHL20 in the webshop (site in Finnish).  

JHL members and their family members are entitled to a 10 per cent discount from Memor Design on funeral-related services and products, i.e. arrangement costs, coffins, urns and coffin clothes.

The benefit is valid until further notice, the discount code is JHL2022. Give the code when you order the service. The benefit is calculated based on the valid price list.

The discount does not apply to transport, flowers, legal services, memorial service location or food and drinks.

Memor Design operates nationwide and arranges both religious and non-religious funerals.

How do I join Finnish Tenants as a trade union member?

By proving that you’re a trade union member, you can join Finnish Tenants at a discounted price of EUR 5 per year (normal membership fee EUR 35 per year).

If you’re a trade union member and you wish to join Finnish Tenants, call the member service number of Finnish Tenants at 09 4770 360 and mention that you’re a JHL member. That’s how easy it is to join.

Paying the membership fee gives you

  • Free-of-charge telephone advisory service for members at 09 4770 360. Advice on, say, tenant rights, the Act on Residential Leases, fair rental practices and the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings (compare: Finnish Tenants’ advisory telephone number subject to a charge at 0600 91515, €1.92 per minute + local network charge).
  • A free-of-charge appointment with a lawyer, if necessary. Two 20-minute consultation visits per month by appointment during reception hours. (€30 per visit for non-members) Commissions and written statements not included in consultation.
  • “Asuntomme” magazine, 4 issues a year.
  • Member discount on “Vuokralaispäivät” (a national tenant event) and other training.
  • Electronic newsletter concerning current tenant matters.
  • Possible other membership benefits valid at a certain point in time for members of Finnish Tenants.

Advisory services

General advisory telephone number: 0600 915 15, call charge €1.92 per minute
PLEASE NOTE! Free-of-charge service number for members: 09 4770 360

The advisory services cover

  • tenancies of right of residence residents
  • tenancies of part-ownership housing residents
  • In terms of Arava apartments and interest-subsidy rental dwelling, matters related to the Arava legislation
  • Act on Residential Leases and Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings
  • Act on Residential Leases concerning non-subsidised apartments
  • instructions on fair rental practices and normal wear and tear.

Finnish Tenants has strong competence on solving problems, it has representation in the Consumer Disputes Board.

Finnish Tenants website

Regional membership benefits

In addition to membership benefits meant for all JHL members, our regional offices have acquired regional membership benefits.

Southwest Finland’s regional benefits in Satakunta

There are several regional membership benefits for JHL members in the Satakunta area. Member, make use of the benefits! Show your JHL membership card to get discount from these local companies:

  • Lux Day Spa, Isolinnankatu 24, Herttuantori, downstairs, Pori
  • Karhukatsastus

    Puinnintie 12, 28360 Pori
    Eteläväylä 5, 28610 Pori
    Friitalantie 9b, 28400 Ulvila
  • Kultasepänliike Tallberg Oy, Itäpuisto 5, Pori (Benefits vary, ask about the latest benefit)
  • Erku Oy, Porin Autolasi, Mäkipuistontie 9, 28430 Pori
    15 per cent off on windshield switch, and repair of rock chip €35.

Regional benefits in Southeast Finland

JHL members in Southeast Finland, make use of the regional benefits.

Sahanlahti Resort

  • JHL members get 15 per cent off on normal-priced accommodation (not valid on holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter and Midsummer).
  • Dessert pancake free of charge with pizza order at Pajapirtti pizzeria