1001 occupations – occupational sectors

Continuously further developing working conditions and methods of work brings well-being to everyone’s daily life. Together with union members, we make a strong effort in further developing JHL-affiliated occupational sectors and occupations. In addition, we highlight the significance of the union’s star professionals as the foundation of the entire Finnish society.

JHL uncompromisingly defends the interests and rights of its entire wide range of member occupations. As a union, we ensure that everyone’s working conditions and terms and conditions of employment are in order.

To support occupational development and a strong occupational identity, the union organises various regional and national courses and member events. We also engage in visible advocacy work for JHL-affiliated occupations: We make statements to decision makers and we are involved in reforming the education system.

Those who are experts in their sector have the best knowledge of good grassroots-level practices in workplaces – along with practices that need further development. Share your experiences with others, too!

Exchanging experiences and talking about viewpoints with those who work in similar occupations is sometimes a welcome break. This kind of dialogue is one reason why we’ve established regional occupational sector forums for you. Participation is not only useful but also fun. The regional forums make the voice of our occupational sectors heard, also at a national level.

An online environment makes conversation natural and easy.

Join a great group of people. Let’s make the future of work even better together!

Pedagogy and education sector

The pedagogy and education sector’s professionals mostly work in schools, within early childhood education and care or youth work, in parishes, vocational schools and special education schools.

Catering and cleaning sector

Catering and cleaning sector professionals work in, say, wellbeing services counties, the kitchens of municipalities and joint municipal authorities, schools, day care centres, hospitals, laundries, parishes and care and rehabilitation services.

Social welfare and health care sector

The social welfare and health care sector’s professionals work for instance as personal assistants, in the disability sector, in child protection, as practical nurses, within mental health and substance abuse services, in health care, in the social welfare and health care sector, and in elderly care.

Technical, energy and traffic sector

The JHL members in the technical, energy and traffic sector are usually maintenance professionals, facility maintenance employees, electricians, electronics assemblers and tram, bus and metro drivers. This group also includes gravediggers.

Information, library and administration sector

Information, library and administration sector professionals work for the state, wellbeing services counties, municipalities and joint municipal authorities, organisations, and within the private sector’s clerical services and administrative, IT, library and information services.

Security sector

In the security sector, the occupational titles of JHL members include senior constable, security guard, rescuer, paramedic, emergency centre dispatcher and safety inspector. In addition, JHL gathers together the security sector professionals of its organisational member unions. They work for the Finnish Defence Forces, emergency centres, within police and judicial administration, in the Prison and Probation Service of Finland, the Finnish Border Guard or the Finnish Customs.