Technical, energy and traffic sectors

Trade Union JHL’s unit “Teli” protects the interests of those working in traffic, technical and energy sectors, and takes care of occupation-specific activities in those sectors.

Trade Union JHL is the right choice for people who work with municipal engineering, maintenance, repair and construction, forestry, agriculture and gardening, production of heat and electrical energy, or within traffic and transport.

Make things better and improve yourself – join the teli sector’s occupation-specific activities!

JHL’s goal is to make the future of work fair for everyone. Traditional job profiles have already changed, and they will constantly be changing and adapting in the future. Employees must be given a genuine opportunity to ponder on and solve many of the yet open issues when it comes to ensuring our members get the best possible benefits during the transformation of working life.

As a multidisciplinary union, JHL wants to further develop a strong protection of occupational interests together with its members.

The purpose of occupation-specific activities is to find out what kind of a tangible impact the significant changes of the future will have on our members working in the technical, energy and traffic sectors. We want to work together to find solutions and ways to implement the changes fairly and with member interests in mind.

JHL provides the sector’s professionals and the students of the sectors with tools to build and strengthen their occupational identity. The union’s comprehensive selection of courses helps people maintain their occupational skills and competence.

In addition to protection of interests related to terms and conditions of employment, the union is involved in further developing working life laws and rules as well as occupational training. Advocacy is one of the union’s strengths. The union is closely monitoring occupational sector trends and competence needs in working life.

If you’re interested in further developing the teli sectors, you can sign up right away if you like!

Send an e-mail to or call 050-4713408. You can also express your desire to participate in occupation-specific activities in upcoming member surveys.

Technical, energy and traffic sector professionals

Thousands of JHL members work in the teli sectors. Aside from State Railways VR, large employers include airport maintenance company Finavia and airport security service producer Airpro.

In addition, the Helsinki Metropolitan Region’s metro and tram traffic and the Tampere Tram employ hundreds of drivers and other professionals. In addition, there are plenty of JHL members working in municipally-owned energy companies and within Finnish ferry traffic.

The sectors and workplaces that have the smallest number of members are sports organisations, the guidance sector, ports,  and some state-owned companies. These sectors have been concentrated to the teli unit because their collective agreement negotiations are conducted with Palta.


Technical work duties within municipal and church sectors

  • Repair, construction and maintenance duties
  • Property maintenance, roads and other municipal engineering
  • Waterworks and water purification upkeep
  • Park and garden work
  • Upkeep of graveyards

Land management and agriculture

  • Upkeep of national parks maintained by Metsähallitus (Forest Administration)
  • Agricultural advisory services


  • Production of heat and electrical energy
  • Upkeep and maintenance of electric power networks
  • Upkeep and maintenance of district heating networks
  • Electrical, automation and electronics installations


Water traffic:

Ferry traffic

  • Ferry drivers
  • Maintenance duties

Port sector

  • Port service work such as mooring, moving and unmooring of ships, and the services needed by ships during turnaround time.

Upkeep of waterways, canal and pilotage industry

  • Maintenance and upkeep of canal traffic
  • Ice breaking, marine surveys services, fairway design, fairway maintenance, oil spill response, hydraulic engineering, and manufacturing polyethylene spar buoys.

Rail traffic:

Passenger and goods transport on railways

  • Train guards, railway yard employees, remote-controlled locomotive drivers

Metro and tram traffic

  • Metro and tram drivers
  • Equipment maintenance work

Train traffic equipment maintenance

  • Train and car equipment maintenance

Track construction and maintenance

  • Constructing track infrastructure
  • Track maintenance duties
  • Winter maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Track checks

Air traffic:

  • Airport and runway maintenance
  • Airport security checks and airport services

Energy, ICT and network sector

sähköverkkoasentaja työssään

Energy, ICT and network sector professionals work in the production of heat and electrical energy and are responsible for constructing energy networks as well as network upkeep and maintenance. They also carry out duties related to electrical, automation and electronics installations. Thanks to the professionals of the energy, ICT and network sector, Finnish homes get warmth, light, and power for electrical appliances.

Traffic sector

Traffic sector professionals work within rail traffic, at airports, on waterways and in ports. The occupational groups perform various duties that relate to traffic, safety, transport, construction and maintenance. They guarantee the well-functionality of Finnish public and goods transport. Typical occupational groups include train guards, ferry drivers, airport security inspectors, tram drivers and rail traffic equipment maintainers.

Technical sectors

The duties of technical sector professionals have to do with municipal engineering, maintenance, repair and construction, forestry, agriculture and gardening. Technical sector professionals work in various environments, such as sports facilities maintained by municipalities, parks, graveyards,  and national parks around Finland.