JHL is Finland’s
largest trade union
of the welfare sectors

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JHL serves all summer

Our Membership Service and Employment Advice are available as usual all summer. You can also get things done anytime, anywhere in myJHL. Some of our services have a short summer break. We wish all our members a happy and sunny summer!

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Social welfare and health care sector

The social welfare and health care sector’s professionals work for instance as personal assistants, in child protection, as practical nurses, in health care, in the social welfare and health care sector, and in elderly care.

Catering and cleaning sector

Catering and cleaning sector professionals work in, say, wellbeing services counties, the kitchens of municipalities and joint municipal authorities, schools, day care centres, hospitals and laundries.

Information, administration and library sector

Information, administration and library sector professionals work for the state, wellbeing services counties, municipalities and joint municipal authorities, organisations, and within the private sector’s clerical services and administrative, IT, library and information services.

Pedagogy and education sector

The pedagogy and education sector’s professionals mostly work in schools, within early childhood education and care or youth work, in parishes, vocational schools and special education schools.

Technical, energy and traffic sector

The JHL members in the technical, energy and traffic sector are usually maintenance professionals, facility maintenance employees, electricians, electronics assemblers and tram, bus and metro drivers. This group also includes gravediggers.

Security sector

The security sector’s occupations include emergency centre dispatcher, safety inspector, security guard, rescuer and paramedic.