Information, administration and library sector

You can encounter the star professionals of Trade Union JHL’s information, administration and library sector for instance in municipal or school administration, libraries, the information services of wellbeing services counties, or in the service of publicly-owned health care establishments and state enterprises.

People in the sector work in the service of municipalities, wellbeing services counties, organisations, state administration and private employers.

The occupational titles include library assistant, archive secretary, information services secretary, course secretary, office secretary, study affairs secretary, services secretary, occupational safety and health representative, designer and technical assistant. Whichever of the sector’s occupational titles you may have, you’re welcome to join JHL’s occupation-specific activities!

A fun and easy way to get to know people from your sector

The information, administration and library sector’s star professionals now have their own online discussion and meeting forum. The online platform makes it easy and fast to be in touch with others who work in the same sector.

The forum brings together skilled members of their sectors to perform the important task of further developing occupations and work.  On the forums, co-workers take a look at the future of work in addition to pondering how to make modern working life as good as possible.

In addition, occupational-sector forums are a channel through which your trade union JHL can effortlessly learn about hot topics discussed by members in workplaces. JHL is intensely involved in occupational advocacy within the information, administration and library sector. When it comes to for instance legislative and development projects related to training, it’s important that the policies and goals correspond to member interests. The forums enable people to bring out their occupational voice.

The forums operate in an informal and flexible manner: You can take part when you have interest and whenever it suits you.

The themes and conversation topics are flexible and varied: You can talk about the joys or challenges of your work, ask for peer support, share your experiences or, say, ask for tips on how things are done elsewhere. It’s also OK to just follow the conversations on the page.

Participation doesn’t require previous experience of union activities. The only requirement is that you’re interested in further developing your work!

Over the years, work in the library sector has become a great deal more diverse. Nowadays, loaning out various items and arranging events have become commonplace in libraries.

The most common types of library jobs include library assistant, librarian, information specialist, library director, director of libraries, service manager, information services secretary, customer advisor and head librarian.

Support for work

Finnish Library Association
Digitalisation  – Ministry of Finance

A well-functioning organisation needs effective and high-quality office, IT and administration services. Offices take care of tasks that are central to the function of an organisation.

Many kinds of work tasks are carried out in JHL’s office, information and administration sectors. A person’s occupational title may be, say, archive secretary, information services secretary, course secretary, office secretary, IT support person, services secretary, designer or assistant.

Support for work

Digitalisation – Ministry of Finance

There’s a Facebook platform for occupational conversation for JHL members working in the information, administration and library sector (page in Finnish). Go like the page and join the activities! You’ll stay up to date on the sector’s current affairs!
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