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More is more! Without trade unions and their members, we wouldn’t have common rules for working life. Unions bargain, negotiate, make agreements and oversee them – they work every day in order to ensure fair and respecting treatment of the Finnish workforce. The membership fee for a member of JHL and JHL’s Unemployment Fund is just 1.38% of your taxable earned income.

Join JHL!

How to join:

As a member you get:

  • protection of interests and unemployment security
  • legal assistance in a trial regarding your employment relationship
  • occupation-specific activity
  • youth and student activity
  • free training
  • service from 13 regional offices
  • help and support from your local branch and your workplace’s shop steward
  • professional guides and handbooks
  • insurance benefits, holiday discounts and other membership perks!

Got questions about the membership?

Here you will find answer to some common questions about becoming a member
You can also contact the Member Service

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