Membership fee

JHL’s membership fee is 1.38 % of all taxable earned income.

Use the membership fee calculator below to calculate how much your membership would cost per month. You can also calculate it by multiplying your salary by 0,0138.


Deduction by employer

Most members pay the membership fee by authorising their employers to deduct the fee directly from their pay. This means that the employer deducts the fee from the employee’s taxable income and forwards the payment to JHL.

Authorisation requires a written agreement between the member and a representative of the employer (payroll clerk). After completing and signing the authorisation form, the membership fee can be automatically deducted from wages or salary.

Payment directly to JHL

You may have to pay the membership fee yourself if:

  • Your employer does not deduct the fee from your pay
  • You are entitled to pay the minimum fee
  • You are self-employed

Members who pay the membership fee themselves must check the box “I will pay the membership fee separately” on the membership application form. If you want to start paying the membership fee yourself, ask for reference numbers for the payment from your local branch or from the JHL Membership Services Unit.