Immigrant activities

The goal of immigrant activities in Southeast Finland is to make immigrant members better informed about working life, employee rights and obligations, and to offer paths for making a difference in the trade union and society.

On 20 October 2021, JHL’s immigrant project for 2021–2022 started working in cooperation with the regional office personnel. JHL has hired project workers Linda Savonen and Neleah Kagiri for the two-year project. They can give more information on and support for founding an immigrant network.

In the first phase, Regional Activities Specialist Kristiina Valonen-Yilmaz called all JHL members in Southeast Finland with some other native language than Finnish, Swedish or Sami, and also members who are not Finnish citizens. The purpose of reaching out was to chart what kinds of needs members have, update their membership and contact information, and provide tools for founding an immigrant network.
With the help of the calls, many eager people wanting to get involved in immigrant activities were found in the region.

The previous networks have been founded under the regional offices of Southwest FinlandSouthern Finland and Inner Finland.
To become a member of Southeast Finland’s network, send an e-mail to the regional office:
Regional Activities Specialist Minna Isberg and Regional Services Secretary Satu Joutselainen (both from the regional office of Southeast Finland) are involved in the project.