Immigrant network PoVer

The immigrant network operates in the entire region of Ostrobothnia. Galina Sillanpää is the leader of the network. Every JHL member with an immigrant background is welcome to join the network.


The duty of the PoVer! network is to make immigrant members better informed about working life and employee rights and obligations. It also functions as a peer network where people discuss current trade union matters and working life from an immigrant perspective.

The objective is to activate members to participate in the activities of their workplace, local branch and union. The network plans activities and cooperates with the union’s local branches.


  • Increasing awareness of our trade union
  • Protection of immigrant members’ interests
  • Building a network of contact persons in local branches
  • Further developing co-operation between local branches, shop stewards, regional office of Ostrobothnia and union decision makers.

Come join us!