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JHL, Jyty and JUKO: Agreement reached on pay raises of municipalities and wellbeing services counties – The solution is exceptionally extensive and applies to several occupational sectors

An agreement has been reached on the pay raises of over 420,000 employees in municipalities and wellbeing services counties. Today, the organisations approved last Friday’s negotiation result.

The solution has to do with how well the pay raises of municipalities and wellbeing services counties take into account so-called comparison sectors in this year’s and next year’s pay raises.

Last summer, JAU (JHL and Jyty), JUKO and KT agreed that the average difference of pay raises that exceed 1.9 per cent in the technology industry, chemistry industry and AKT’s lorry sector must be taken into account in all collective agreements for municipalities and wellbeing services counties. At the same time, they agreed that 70 per cent of the exceeding share will be added to general raises, and 30 per cent will be agreed on locally.

On 1 June 2023, a general raise will increase salaries by 0.70 per cent within all of the municipal and welfare sector’s agreement sectors in addition to the raises that were previously agreed on. The amount that will be agreed on locally is 0.30 per cent.

At the end of June, a one-time instalment worth EUR 467 will be paid in the municipal and welfare sector.

On 1 June 2024, a general raise will increase salaries by 0.77 per cent. The local arrangement instalment is 0.33 per cent. Those who are covered by the teachers’ agreement will be paid a general raise of 0.77 per cent on 1 May. Those covered by the physicians’ agreement will get their raise on 1 October 2023.

Despite the difficult negotiating situation and the fact that the deadline of 1 February was passed, the parties all had a desire to look for a solution by means of negotiating.

– We’re very pleased that we were able to reach an agreement by negotiating, and that the connection to the comparison sectors will be realised in full. The solution is exceptionally extensive in the Finnish labour market field, and it applies to several occupational sectors, JUKO’s Board Chair Katarina Murto (OAJ) says, delighted.

Along with the agreement, the pay regime agreed for the municipal and welfare sector will now be realised in the way it was intended to, the organisations remind.

– We can now start fixing the issue of salaries lagging behind and improving the municipal and welfare sector’s attractiveness as an employer and as a workplace, JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine and Jyty President Jonna Voima emphasise.

In the same negotiations, JAU, JUKO and KT achieved an agreement on the impacts of Sote’s and KT’s agreement. A one-time remuneration will be paid to personnel within early childhood education and care on 30 June 2023. As part of the entirety, it was also agreed that those covered by appendix five of the general collective agreement for the municipal sector will get 120 euros. Those covered by section G of teaching personnel’s collective agreement will get 150 euros.

In the municipal and welfare sector, the organisations negotiating are Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO, Public Sector Union JAU (JHL and Jyty), Sote (SuPer, Tehy, SPAL) and Local Government and County Employers KT.

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