Strikes and other industrial actions

Various means of exerting pressure are used in situations where no agreement or understanding is reached with the employer party, and it is not possible to take matters forward only by means of negotiating. On this page, your trade union JHL has gathered information and instructions related to its industrial actions.

Trade Union JHL looks after its members’ terms and conditions of employment, also by exerting pressure, if necessary.

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Instructions to members

See here for instructions on how to prepare for a strike, what to do when you’re on strike and what to do when the strike ends

Read the most frequently asked questions about industrial actions and strikes

Strike terminology

Information about strike benefit is at the bottom of this page.


Strike benefit

Read this important information!

The strike benefit is EUR 160/day. Apply for it after the strike is over through myJHL. You can apply for it within 2 months from the strike. After that, the application system will be closed.

The part of the strike benefit that exceeds EUR 16 is income subject to tax (88§, “Tuloverolaki” (= Income Tax Act)decision by Finnish Tax Administration ). Of the total strike benefit of EUR 160, the net benefit is EUR 95.20 a day. It is not necessary to submit your tax card. After the strike is over, JHL will pay benefits once a week. The union will notify the Finnish Tax Administration of the amount of strike benefits paid.

PLEASE NOTE! Concerning a week-long strike, strike benefit will be paid for a maximum of five days. This goes for all of JHL’s week-long strikes.

Whom the benefit is paid to

The benefit will be paid to members in the object of the strike who have participated in the strike.
To get the benefit, one must fulfil the following terms and conditions:

  • The member has joined the union before the strike started. At least the first membership fee must be paid before the strike benefit can be paid.
  • Even “old” members must have paid their membership fees.
  • The member must abide by the decisions and instructions issued by JHL.

If you joined the union right before the strike, there may be a slight delay before the strike benefit application form appears in myJHL. This has to do with a delay in processing membership applications.

Strike benefit will not be paid:

  • for working days/shifts done by those with a permission to work or done as emergency work
  • to those who have joined JHL midway through the strike.

It is a fraud to apply for the strike benefit on false grounds.

How to apply for the strike benefit in myJHL (“omaJHL”)

Log into myJHL, the strike benefit application is in the lower left corner of the page. Add your bank account details on the application form, mark your strike days, assure that the information given is correct, and save the form. After that, the member branch will review and approve the application. The payment will then be ordered. Benefits are paid once a week.

If you have not logged into myJHL before, read the instructions on the myJHL info page.