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SAK’s candidate gallery is now open – you can still apply to be included

A gallery of parliamentary election candidates by SAK and its member unions is now open. The gallery presents all the JHL-affiliated candidates that have committed themselves to the themes and goals set by SAK-affiliated unions (SAK = Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions). You can apply to be included until 20 March 2023.

SAK’s parliamentary election gallery is now open at

The gallery also has the majority of JHL-affiliated candidates. In the gallery, you can search for all of the union’s candidates or those who represent your electoral district.

The parliamentary election gallery will remain open until polling day, Sunday 2 April 2023. Browse the gallery and select your candidate.

If you’re a candidate and you’d like to be included in the parliamentary election gallery, sign up at Those who are included must commit themselves to the themes and goals set by SAK-affiliated unions.

You have until 20 March 2023 to sign up for the gallery. The gallery is free of charge for those who have been included in it.

JHL supports its member candidates

On 2 April, parliamentary elections will be held in Finland. These elections are vital to the Finnish working life. You have the chance to make a difference in the elections. Vote either in advance (22–28 March 2023) or on the actual polling day.

Finland can’t afford to have the status of low-pay employees weakened in any way. Trade Union JHL’s goal is to get a government that will make Finland economically, socially and ecologically sustainable.

In practice, this means that the country’s government and parliament must have an understanding of the status of employees. We want to make an impact to ensure that future decision makers will be people who want to maintain the Finnish welfare society.

Trade Union JHL supports its member candidates who have committed themselves to the union’s values, and also a number of other candidates with a positive attitude to employees. JHL is involved in SAK’s shared campaign named Vaalistaja, the aim of which is to increase voter turnout. A total of EUR 400,000 will be used for these measures.

Subscribe to the Vaalistaja newsletter here to keep up to date with electoral campaigning.

Learn about JHL’s goals for the parliamentary elections here (in Finnish). Candidates and their supporters can make use of the goals in their campaign work.