JHL member, how does your trade union have to change? Say it out loud!

JHL has a direct effect on the direction of Finnish working life. The Union Council wields the highest decision-making power in the union. By being a candidate in the elections held in February 2022, you can become a Union Council member. In the Union Council you can make your voice heard. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a bus driver or practical nurse, whether you speak Finnish or Somalian.

JHL elections are held between 7 February and 1 March 2022. Save the dates and make your voice heard! More information about the elections is coming up in autumn 2021.

The world of work is changing, and the trade union is renewing itself. In the Union Council, you get to decide which direction JHL is going to take in the future. JHL makes an impact on the rights, pay and annual leaves of hundreds of thousands of professionals from various sectors.

What’s your tone of voice?

Member, become a candidate! You can be employed, unemployed, a student, personal assistant, bus driver, practical nurse, logger, woman, man, non-binary person, an immigrant or Finnish born. In JHL’s Union Council you can make your voice heard. It doesn’t matter whether your tone of voice is demanding, fun, peaceable or kind. Candidate nomination opens on 1 October, more information on becoming a candidate is coming up in the autumn.

What do you think? Say it out loud!

What would you say about the following statements?  In the Union Council you can, for example, suggest the following:

  • JHL needs to push for a four-day working week in Finland. 
  • A larger holiday compensation needs to be negotiated for practical nurses.
  • More bathroom breaks need to be guaranteed for metro drivers.
  • A collective agreement needs to be negotiated for food couriers and we need to get them to join JHL.
  • JHL needs to open a TikTok account.
  • JHL needs to double the number of its under 35-year-old members.
  • At least half of JHL’s courses need to be provided in English, too.

Make noise about the elections

Candidate, hang your elections advertisement on a door handle in your workplace, make your voice heard in posters on your workplace wall, and share your elections advertisement in social media channels! Here you can find all the necessary elections material for JHL elections 2022! 

Make your tones of voice seen online and in social media!

The elections are coming. Let it be seen, heard, and nominate yourself! A cook is the star of our elections illustrations. The pictures are in different sizes, download them and publish them in various channels!

Background photos for video calls and other needs

Add some colour to video calls and conferences and raise the matter of the numerous tones of voice in JHL’s elections!

Elections symbols for pictures 

There is room for all tones of voice in JHL’s elections. Also the symbol meant for advertising the elections is available in several colours! Download yours and add your tone of voice in the picture!  You can also download the white version with the see-through background. See below for an example picture.

Traditional printed products (Download here, print out yourself)

Form letter with elections logos

Download the one-page form letter that has the elections logo on a reddish background in its header and footer.

Find the right tone of voice!

In January 2022, we will find out who the candidates of the elections are. See a preview of how to make your tone of voice heard as a candidate!