JHL member, how does your trade union have to change? Say it out loud!

JHL has a direct effect on the direction of Finnish working life. The Union Council wields the highest decision-making power in the union.

The new Union Council representatives will be elected in the elections that will be held between 7 February and 1 March 2022. Save the dates and make your voice heard!

In the Union Council everyone can make their voice heard. It doesn’t matter whether the one speaking is a bus driver or practical nurse, whether they speak Finnish or Somali.

The candidate nomination has ended. The final candidates will be revealed in January 2022, which is when the Central Elections Committee confirms them! That’s when Trade Union JHL’s candidate selection engine will be opened! You will then get to thoroughly find out about the candidates’ tones of voice.

What do you think? Say it out loud!

Do you want your candidate to make noise about, say, these matters?

  • Larger pay raises need to be negotiated for children’s nurses.
  • More bathroom breaks need to be guaranteed for metro drivers.
  • A collective agreement needs to be negotiated for food couriers and we need to get them to join JHL.
  • Municipalities and regions must organise the services produced with tax revenues
  • JHL needs to open a TikTok account.
  • JHL must organise more member events.
  • JHL needs to double the number of its under 35-year-old members.
  • At least half of JHL’s courses need to be provided in English, too.
  • Biking to and from work needs to be subsidised more than company cars.

Make your voice heard!

Candidate, hang your elections advertisement on a door handle in your workplace, make your voice heard in posters on your workplace wall, and share your elections advertisement in social media channels! Here you can find all the necessary elections material for JHL elections 2022! 

Make your tones of voice seen online and in social media!

The elections are coming. Let it be seen and heard. The pictures are in different sizes, download them and publish them in various channels!

Show your tone of voice on Facebook! 

Add the elections frame to your profile photo and let people know you’re a candidate in JHL’s elections. Facebook’s frame tool has been having worldwide problems, which is why we came up with this slightly untraditional method for adopting the frame. It will not be difficult! 

There are pink and blue frames available. There is a link for both colours. Click the link next to the colour that you like the most: 

The links will take you to a website called Twibbonize. You can easily create a nice elections profile picture there.

The finished frame will look like something like this!

Candidate symbol for pictures

Traditional printed products (Download here, print out yourself)

Top training for candidates!

Are you a nominee for the Union Council in JHL’s elections? Come to our training (in Finnish) where you will hear tips about campaign work and making a difference in the Union Council. You will also learn how your trade union supports the candidates. The last training session will be held in January. All candidates are welcome to participate! Check the dates for the training sessions and join us!

Elections symbols for pictures 

There is room for all tones of voice in JHL’s elections. Also the symbol meant for advertising the elections is available in several colours! Download yours and add your tone of voice in the picture!  You can also download the white version with the see-through background. See below for an example picture.

Background photos for video calls and other needs

Add some colour to video calls and conferences and raise the matter of the numerous tones of voice in JHL’s elections!

Elections template for PowerPoint presentations

Get your audience in the elections mood, download a template with JHL’s elections symbol for your PowerPoint presentation.

Form letter with elections logos

Download the one-page form letter that has the elections logo on a reddish background in its header and footer.

How to make your voice heard

How can I nominate myself? Who can elect me to the Union Council? When does candidate nomination end? For all the answers to your questions related to the elections, check out these instructions, JHL’s elections rules (in Finnish).

Will my voice be heard, regardless of where in Finland I live?

Trade Union JHL has representation in all of Finland and even a large number of regional offices! JHL’s elections have a simple principle: The electoral districts correspond to the regions represented by JHL’s regional offices. This is how many people will be elected to the Union Council.

Join the best group of people!

JHL is Finland’s best trade union of the welfare sectors. Our members have numerous occupational titles, Trade Union JHL defends everyone’s benefits uncompromisingly.