Catering and cleaning sector

Trade Union JHL is the union for you if you work within, say, the catering and cleaning services of a day care centre, school or hospital, or in some other institutional or professional kitchen. Crucial JHL-affiliated cleaning service occupations also include for instance laundry employees, without whom not a single hospital or health centre would operate. There are numerous occupational titles in both the catering and cleaning sector, and all of you are welcome to further develop your work.

Get to know people from your sector

The catering and cleaning sector’s star professionals have their own online discussion and meeting forum. The occupational sector forum platform makes it easy and convenient to be in touch with others who work in the same sector.

You can participate when you have interest and when it suits you. The activities are relaxed, informal and flexible.

If you want to, say, discuss the joys or challenges of your work, get peer support, need advice on how something at work can be taken care of or want to develop your occupational sector further with others, head to the forum of your sector. You can also simply follow the conversation on the page.

The forums process and further develop current affairs related to your occupational sector. They also increase the flow of information between union members and JHL.

Participation in the forum doesn’t require previous experience or knowledge of union operations. It’s enough that you’re interested in further developing your work together with others!

Catering sector

Catering sector professionals work for instance in the kitchens of municipalities, wellbeing services counties and municipal limited liability companies (schools, hospitals, day care centres), parish canteens, and in the kitchens of care and rehabilitation institutions. The star professionals of the sector prepare safe, nutritious and sustainable food every day. Special diets are a significant part of their competence. The most common occupational titles are food service employee, catering employee, cook, institutional catering cook, person in charge of food service, combination worker, food service manager, catering chief, catering work supervisor, head of catering.

Cleaning sector

Cleaning sector professionals work for instance in the premises of, municipalities, wellbeing services counties and municipal limited liability companies (schools, hospitals, day care centres), parishes, laundries and residential care homes. They deliver high-quality cleaning and maintain a high level of hygiene with a professional touch. The most common occupational titles in the sector are institutional cleaner, cleaner, medical orderly, textiles care operative, site facilities operative, ward domestic, combination employee, lead cleaner, supervisor and machine washer.