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As a JHL member, you’ll save up to thousands of euros a year

Your trade union JHL negotiates fair terms and conditions of employment for you, and union shop stewards protect your interests in workplaces. These benefits can’t be measured in money, but that’s not the case of other JHL membership benefits!

JHL is a trade union that works every day for fair terms and conditions of employment. As a member, you get a fair salary or wage, other terms and conditions of employment, and support for various working life conflicts.

JHL also provides a bunch of benefits to its members. These benefits enable you to save up to thousands of euros every year. How about a course worth EUR 1,000, a saving worth hundreds of euros on your electricity bill, free legal aid, or a significant income improvement if you become unemployed? All in all, there are so many benefits that we’ve put together a poster about them.

Join today and get access to value for money benefits!

For members of trade union JHL, none of this costs a fortune. The trade union membership fee is only 1.38% of your salary or wage, and it’s tax-deductible.