It’s nice to be recognised with flowers and awards for a job well done. But a pat on the back doesn’t pay the bills.

Your hard work deserves recognition. That recognition should come in the form of money in your pocket and the ability to cope at work.

JHL is a trade union that works every day to promote fair employment conditions. Join our union. It’s the only way to ensure that you get:

  • fair pay and conditions for your work
  • support for conflict situations in working life
  • a source of income during unemployment
  • numerous monetary benefits

Join our union. There is strength in numbers.

We are JHL

Temporary work, unpaid bonuses, discrimination, work overload… Working life is a playing field where those who play alone can sometimes face major difficulties.

As a member of JHL, you are an equal player – part of a team in which every member is equally valuable. You won’t be the underdog, and you won’t be alone.

What is JHL anyways?

JHL is the Finnish acronym for Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (Julkisten ja hyvinvointialojen liitto). We are Finland’s largest trade union for the service sector, and our members represent thousands of occupations. JHL uncompromisingly defends the interests and rights of its wide range of professions.

Join today. It is how you can ensure that you will be treated fairly in working life and if you face unemployment.

Are you facing unemployment or a temporary layoff? You can still take action and join JHL!

What trade union should you join? JHL, naturally – the trade union for star professionals!

Join our union. There is strength in numbers.

Working, studying or unemployed. Permanent, part-time, full-time. Zero-hour contract, shift work. Young or old. Immigrant or native Finn. Female, male or other.

Whatever your situation and your background, a trade union always offers strength in numbers.

JHL is a trade union specifically for the public and welfare sectors. The union has thousands of members representing several occupational fields. We call this outstanding group of people star professionals, as they keep the entire country’s wheels rolling, in both good and bad times.

Whatever your situation and your background, a trade union always offers strength in numbers.

Being a member of a trade union gives you security and knowledge. In a trade union of star professionals, you can lean on the unique support networks for working life that a large trade union offers.

Ok, great! But how much does it cost?

On top of all these benefits, JHL’s membership is also affordable.

  • If you are working, the membership fee for JHL and its unemployment fund is 1.38% of your salary.
  • For student members, trade union membership is free.
  • The membership fee lowers your taxes. We will notify the tax administration of the sum every year on your behalf.

You can calculate the amount of your membership fee using this calculator:


Is JHL the trade union for you? Take the test!

It is always a good idea to belong to a trade union – but is JHL the right union for you? Take the test below to find out. Answer YES or NO to each question and calculate the number of YES answers. At the end of the test, you will see your results.

1 I want to receive fair pay and real benefits for my work, today and tomorrow.


2 I want to be treated equally, regardless of my gender, background, age or ideology.


3 If I become unemployed, I want my finances to be secure and I want to receive earnings-related unemployment allowance.


4 I would gladly take part in Finland’s highest-quality training related to working life and studies.


5 I would love to meet other people working or studying in the same fields as me.


6 I work or study in one of the following fields:

  • health and social services
  • restaurant and cleaning services
  • childhood education and guidance
  • knowledge work and administration
  • technology and transport
  • security


7 JHL is a party to my collective agreement and my employer is one of the following:

  • the state, a municipality, a joint municipal authority or a church/parish
  • a public enterprise or company owned by one of the above
  • a private sector company that produces wellness services
  • an association or a non-profit organisation
  • a company, corporation or similar entity that produces services for the public sector
  • an independent entrepreneur who engages in their profession as a main or part-time job and they operate alone, with no employees
  • in addition, JHL is an agreement party to other agreement sectors in the corporate sphere. If you work in these sectors, you should join JHL.

Check out all of the sectors that JHL represents on the Collective Agreements page.


If you answered YES to questions 6 and / or 7, you should join JHL today.

And, if you answered YES to any of questions 1–5, JHL is the perfect match for you. Join today!

Are you still unsure about whether you can join JHL? Contact our membership services.

PLEASE NOTE: JHL membership is also well-suited to many entrepreneurs. Under the Finnish Unemployment Security Act, however, entrepreneur members cannot join JHL’s unemployment fund.

Download a printable membership application form:

Membership application form and agreement for collecting the membership fee (pdf, 107 KB)

10 +1 reasons to join JHL

1 A living wage and fair terms

A pat on the back doesn’t pay the bills. When you belong to a union, you can be sure to receive fair compensation for your work. At the same time, your other terms of employment are taken care of, which guarantees you sufficient time for holidays, for example.

JHL’s key task is to negotiate terms of employment for its members. Collective agreements include, for example:

  • salary
  • working hours
  • the right to annual leave and sick leave
  • the right to pay during illness
  • many other terms related to coping and well-being at work

Everything you need to know about the collective agreements negotiated by JHL.

2 A shop steward on your side

Did you not get your overtime pay? Have you been assigned an overly long shift in the duty roster?

Your workplace has its own JHL shop steward or chief shop steward. He or she will ensure that the workplace abides by the rules of working life. You can turn to your shop steward whatever the situation.

Take a look at what shop stewards do.

3 An unemployment fund as a safety net

Anyone can become unemployed. JHL offers you a safety net.

As a trade union member, it is easy for you to also apply for a membership in JHL’s unemployment fund. The fund pays you earnings-related daily allowance, mobility aid or job alternation compensation. Daily allowance is significantly larger than basic unemployment allowance.

If you are working, the membership fee for JHL and the unemployment fund is 1.38%, and you can deduct it in your taxation.

Take a closer look at JHL’s unemployment fund.

4 Students join for free

Studying is valuable work. At JHL you are not alone even as a student because the union is there for you already during your studies.

A JHL membership for full-time students costs exactly zero euros.* JHL’s student activities are open to all. We organise events around the country, year-round.

Learn the basics of student membership.

*However, the unemployment fund membership fee will be deducted from all your taxable earned income before taxes.

5 Support and security for young people

Working life has changed dramatically. Long steady jobs are becoming rarer and young people especially are expected to master whatever job comes their way. A career can be built like a puzzle, consisting of different jobs in different places. In between jobs, young people study or travel the world.

JHL is the best union for young people. The union for star professionals keeps its finger on the pulse of the labour markets to make sure they are fair for young people.

For example, JHL has long been working to achieve more detailed rules for zero-hour contracts.

The national activities for JHL youth are meant for all of the union’s under-thirty members. JHL annually organises several national events for youth.

6 Information and training

How does a new legal amendment impact your rights? How can you time your breaks right? How can you become a shop steward or OHS representative?

JHL’s members have access to Finland’s broadest offering of working life training! The union arranges training across Finland.

You can learn about coping at work, shop steward work, OHS and branch activities. We also provide updates on all of our sectors.

Trainings are available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Check out more information on training (in Finnish).

As a member of JHL, you will also receive the high-quality, up-to-date magazine Motiivi, delivered to your home.

The Motiivi magazine offers information, viewpoints and tools. It features current issues related to different occupations and workplaces, and will keep you up to date on working life and your benefits.

Motiivi comes out eight times a year, delivered directly to your home.

Take a look at the Motiivi magazine (in Finnish).

7 Free legal aid

Employee receives pay claims from several years. Discrimination compensation paid to a woman excluded from the on-call list. Compensation to employees for illegal termination of employment contracts.

These are just a few legal victories in recent years that were achieved with the help of JHL.

Sometimes problems can’t be resolved at the workplace. In that case, JHL members may be entitled to receive free legal advice and the services of a lawyer from the union.

Take a closer look at our legal aid.

8 Affordable recreational activities

Why pay too much for recreational activities?

JHL offers valuable commercial and free-time membership benefits. JHL’s local associations and regional offices may also offer their own benefits.

As a member of JHL, you can book cottages and Holiday Club time shares around Finland. You can also purchase cruises and route trips, hostel stays and hotel and spa benefits at a discount.

Teboil also gives you a discount on petrol, diesel and liquid gas as well as lubricants and car washes.

Discounts are also available from many watch and jewellery shops and for magazine subscriptions.

Read more about your member benefits (in Finnish).

9 Off-working hours insurance cover

JHL members are insured by Turva Mutual Insurance Company.

The insurance offers you extensive cover for trips and leisure time. As a JHL member, you can also purchase insurance from the insurance company If at a considerable discount.

Your membership card is your traveller’s insurance. Take a closer look at the insurance terms and conditions and the benefits offered by Turva.

Read about insurance cover on Turva’s website (in Finnish).

10 Your home base

JHL has more than 500 associations and they operate all over Finland. Your association is your home inside the union.

When you join JHL, you become a member of your local association. As a member of the association, you can help decide what activities the association will organise and make proposals to improve working life and collective agreements.

JHL’s nine regional offices around the country are there to serve and assist you!

Take a closer look at the associations (in Finnish).

+ 1 OHS Protection against hazards

Poor protective equipment. Workplace bullying. Work overload.

Your work can involve many kinds of hazards – both mental and physical.

You have an OHS representative to protect you. He or she promotes employees’ health and ability to cope at work. This includes:

  • a safe working environment
  • healthy working hours
  • occupational health care
  • well-being at work

The OHS representative represents all employees in matters related to safety and health. As JHL’s member you will also receive first-class training in becoming an OHS representative.

Learn more about occupational safety.

Ask us

How to pay my membership fee? Can I join several unions? Is there anything else you would like to know about being a union member? Ask us via our chat bot or by contacting the JHL member services.

Member, recruit a member!

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