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JHL Awards rewards members for successful member recruitment

JHL has renewed its incentive system for member recruitment. Starting on the 1st of September, the JHL Awards will be more accessible to all members of the union.

The incentive system for member recruitment known as JHL Awards has been renewed. The JHL Awards are now more accessible to members on the union’s website, the value of the award points has been increased and the points accumulated in the system are now valid for two years. The idea behind the JHL Awards is to encourage members to actively recruit new members. The awards are a recognition of successful recruitment.

“The most common reason for not joining a union is that no one has asked you to be a member. We encourage our members to remedy the situation and do the asking. When a new member is recruited, we recognise the member doing the recruiting with a reward,” says JHL’s Head of Organising Pertti Paajanen.

According to Paajanen, member recruitment is often considered to be something active members of the branches do, but that is not the whole truth.

“All JHL members are welcome to recruit new members, whether they are already working or still studying for a profession. If they develop an interest in union activism, they can let their branch know that they are willing to do more,” he explains.

Points for active member recruitment

JHL Awards is based on a point system. The more members you recruit, the more points you get. The more points you collect, the more valuable the awards you can receive.

Recruiters get 30 points for members who are already working and 12 points for student members. The value of one point is one euro. The points are logged in the recruiter’s information when a working member pays their first membership fee. For student members the points are logged immediately.

A couple of reminders from JHL’s Head of Organising

“When a new member joins JHL, the member recruiter must also remember to add their own membership number to the membership application form. We cannot grant the points after the fact.”

The second thing that Paajanen wishes to point out has to do with taxes.

“If the total amount of awards exceeds 100 euros per year, they are subject to tax. JHL will let the tax authorities know the value of the awarded products each year. The member recruiter is responsible for the tax consequences.”

More information on the JHL Awards and member recruitment is available on the website JHL Awards.