JHL Bonus Awards

JHL Bonus Awards is a system through which the union rewards its members for active and successful member recruitment.

Any member of JHL can become a member recruiter and earn good awards. As a member of JHL, you can become a member recruiter right now if you want.

See the member recruitment page for more information on becoming a recruiter.

Good recruiter – good awards

The union rewards you for active and successful member recruitment.

Examples of JHL Bonus Awards.

For each new member that pays a membership fee, you will receive 30 points, and for each new student member 12 points. You can use the points you earn to buy different JHL Bonus Awards products.

Even if you are not yet a member recruiter, you can view the awards on JHL Bonus Awards page with the following credentials:

ID: JHLtesti
password: JHLbonukset

After your first recruitment, you can check your JHL Bonus Awards points and order your award. The points will be updated in JHL Bonus Awards once a month. The points will transfer to JHL Bonus Awards for members when the new member has paid their first membership fee. The points for student members will be transferred immediately.

You can check your points status at the JHL Bonus Awards page at any time.

If you need help, the website has instructions and contact details.

If you run into any problems with your points as a member recruiter, please send a message to kannustimet@jhl.fi.

Take a closer look at the JHL Bonus Awards rules to find out how and for what you can collect points and what they are worth.