Health and social services sector agreement (SOTE agreement)

Practical nurses and registered nurses, JHL is the #SOTEunion for you! We conclude the SOTE agreement which determines your pay, holidays and other terms and conditions of your employment.

Employees whose work involves health or social services duties in wellbeing services counties are covered by the agreement. Have you remembered to update the collective agreement information in your information in myJHL? Read more about how to update.

JHL is involved in developing the SOTE agreement in all steps of the way. The union protects its members’ interests, regardless of occupational title.

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Wellbeing services county employee, check your payslip

The first possible pay day for wellbeing services counties was Friday 13 January 2023. Permanent employees and office-holders covered by the SOTE agreement have their pay day at the latest on the 16th day of the calendar month. The pay day of fixed-term employees is the last weekday of the month, unless agreed otherwise locally.

Check your payslip as soon as you receive it.  If you notice any mistakes, notify your supervisor immediately and ask that the mistakes are rectified.  Read what to do in JHL’s related news article (13 January 2023).

Employees covered by the SOTE agreement must update their membership information

The collective agreement sector of those who are covered by the new agreement has changed from KVTES to the SOTE agreement. This means that the persons in question must update their membership information in JHL’s membership register. You can do that by using themyJHL service.

To change your collective agreement in myJHL, go to MEMBER INFORMATION -> EMPLOYMENTS. At the same time, you should check that your other information is up to date as well, for example your contact information which you can find under PERSONAL INFORMATION.

It is important that the information in our membership register is correct and up to date. This enables JHL to continue to send important collective agreement sector messages to members covered by the new agreement.

If you’ve never logged into myJHL, read the instructions first.

Which parties negotiate on the SOTE agreement’s content?

The following contracting organisations negotiate on the SOTE agreement’s content: JAU (JHL and Jyty), JUKO and Sote ry (Tehy and SuPer), and Local County and Government Employers KT.