Collective agreement for private social services sector

Practical nurses, children’s nurses, child and youth welfare workers: JHL takes care of your pay and other terms and conditions of your employment. The collective agreement for the private social services sector is a generally binding agreement, meaning that its provisions also concern unorganised employers.

JHL negotiates the terms and conditions of employment for those of you who work in the private social services sector, for example in the service of a private company or housing services unit. Regardless of whether your occupation is practical nurse, children’s nurse, child and youth welfare worker, personal assistant or any other of the sector’s numerous occupations, JHL is the best trade union for you.

When things don’t go according to agreement in the workplace, the union shop steward helps you out. As a JHL member, you also get legal aid from your trade union.

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Collective agreement for the private social services sector 2020 (pdf, 908 KB)

(Employment contract form updated 1 April 2021)