Decision making and organisation

The decision-making power in Trade Union JHL belongs to members. The Union Council consists of elected JHL members. It decides how the union spends its money and plans its activities. JHL’s Executive Committee implements the Union Council’s policies.

Union Council consists of elected JHL members, wields the highest decision-making power in JHL

The Union Council wields the highest decision-making power in JHL. The Union Council decides, say, the amount of the membership fee and approves the trade union’s budget and action plan. As a Union Council member, you get to be involved in deciding about JHL’s direction.

The Union Council has 120 elected members. The Union Council’s term of office is five years. The organisational members have their own representatives.

JHL’s Executive Committee

JHL’s Executive Committee has 25 members. It consists of the union president, chief executive officer, 18 people representing the municipality sector, four representatives of private sectors, and one person representing the state.

Branches at the core of everything

Trade Union JHL is made up of branches, Union Council, Executive Committee, central office and regional offices. The organisational member unions are JHL’s negotiation partners, the unemployment fund and JHL Institute are an important part of JHL’s services.

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The central office is located in Helsinki, and the ten regional offices are located in 12 localities around Finland.

Local branches are the core of JHL. Each JHL member belongs to a trade union branch.

The organisational member unions have joined forces with JHL when it comes to their unions’ protection of interests. For example, their negotiations are conducted through JHL. The organisational member unions are: the Finnish Prison Officers’ Unionthe Finnish Customs Officers’ Unionthe Border Security Union and the Finnish Non-Commissioned Officers’ (NCOs’) Union.

The Public and Welfare Sectors’ Unemployment Fund provides unemployment security to JHL members. The unemployment fund has its own Executive Committee and a representative body equivalent to the Union Council.

The JHL Institute operates in Helsinki, at the same address where also the union’s central office is located (Sörnäisten rantatie). The Institute trains members to safeguard members’ interests and to operate actively in workplaces. The Institute trains active members to be competent in co-determination and occupational safety and health.

Trade Union JHL’s management

The union’s management: President Päivi Niemi-Laine, Chief Executive Officers Håkan Ekström and Saila Ruuth.

Trade Union JHL’s management for 2022–2027 was selected in the Union Council’s assembly meeting on 7 June 2022. 

JHL’s Executive Committee

Union President Päivi Niemi-Laine, 1st Chief Executive Officer Håkan Ekström and 23 other members are in JHL’s Executive Committee, which has a total of 25 members. The Executive Committee assembles in a meeting approximately once a month.

A new Executive Committee was selected in the Union Council’s assembly meeting on 7 June 2022.

Union Council

JHL’s Union Council assembles in a meeting twice a year. Its term of office is five years. The latest Union Council elections in JHL took place in spring 2022.

According to the rules, those who are selected for the Executive Committee can no longer be Union Council members. They will be replaced by a candidate with the second largest number of votes. The candidate represents the same electoral district, agreement sector, and electoral alliance.

Union Council Chairs

Chairs of JHL’s Union Council: Tiina Liimatainen, Eija Paananen and Satu Rantanen.

Composition of JHL’s Union Council by electoral district

The Union Council is elected by electroral district.

  1. Electoral district of Southeast Finland, 12 seats
  2. Electoral district of Southern Finland, 36 seats
  3. Electoral district of Inner Finland, 18 seats
  4. Electoral district of Lapland, 5 seats
  5. Electoral district of Eastern Finland, 10 seats
  6. Electoral district of Oulu, 10 seats
  7. Electoral district of Ostrobothnia, 10 seats
  8. Electoral district of Satakunta, 8 seats
  9. Electoral district of Southwest Finland, 11 seats

Results of JHL’s Union Council elections 2022 (pdf, 54 kt)