Collective agreement negotiations 2022

In the collective agreement negotiations, Trade Union JHL will be aiming for clear pay raises that will level out unjustified differences in pay. Working hours need to be improved too, in order for JHL’s star professionals to do their work better.

JHL member, you deserve a pay raise – regardless of whether you work in an operating room, by the laundry machine as an instruments assistant, in a day care centre or as a show plough driver. During the negotiations, Trade Union JHL will look after its members’ terms and conditions of employment.

Trade Union JHL’s goals for the upcoming round of collective agreement negotiations 2022

The most intense phase of negotiations on JHL’s collective agreements will take place in the late winter of 2022. In October 2021, Trade Union JHL approved the general negotiation goals for the upcoming round of collective agreement negotiations. The three main goals are:

  • More purchasing power with a fair wage
  • Better agreement, locally
  • Working hours and family leaves support well-being

More purchasing power for wages!

Significant pay raises that improve purchasing power, targeted raises for low-pay sectors, and some raises in euros, some in percentages. These are JHL’s methods for allocating significant pay raises also to sectors that are in a pay gap at the moment.

Better agreement, locally

According to JHL, now is the time to make better agreements on many matters, locally. Local agreements are always made by a shop steward or JHL branch. Employees will then not be put at an unfair disadvantage in negotiations.

Better working hours, fewer absences

When working hours can be adjusted according to one’s life situation, employees feel better and there are fewer absences from work. Employees need to be able to get involved in planning their working hours.