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Problems with pay, working hours or working conditions? – Summer Job Helpline helps you out

If anything concerns you about a summer job, don’t hesitate to contact Summer Job Helpline, a shared advisory service provided by central organisations SAK, Akava and STTK. The service will give urgently needed advice throughout the whole summer.

The summer job season has started again. For many young people, a summer job is their first experience of working life. It is desirable that a person’s first steps in working life go well and smoothly and that they get more experience. Even so, sometimes even more experienced people face situations where they need advice in questions related to working life.

Summer Job Helpline is a service available for everyone. It helps with causes of concern related to summer jobs. Summer employees, especially young people, need not be alone.

This year’s Summer Job Advisor Hanna-Marilla Zidan encourages summer employees to contact the service immediately if they have any employment concerns. It is possible to do it even before starting a summer job. When an employee is familiar with their rights and obligations at the beginning of employment, possible problems can be avoided.

Whatever the topic

The organisations have nearly 20 years of experience on giving shared summer job advice. This experience has proven to be necessary.

Although working life has changed in many ways over the years, the questions received by the Summer Job Helpline deal to a large extent with similar topics. People mostly ask for advice related to pay and working hours. Many people also get in touch about their trial period or certificate of employment.

When agreeing about a summer job, ask for the employment contract in writing and look into it with care, Zidan reminds.

– If the terms and conditions are unclear in any way, you shouldn’t rush into signing the contract. First, read it through with care. Looking into one’s rights and obligations with care benefits both parties to the employment relationship.

How, where and when?

The Summer Job Helpline will be open throughout the summer, until the end of August.

The Summer Job Advisor can be contacted weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm by phone at 0800 179 279 or on WhatsApp at 040 747 1571.

You can also ask for advice with the electronic contact form.

You can ask questions in Finnish, Swedish and English. All the questions are handled confidentially. If you wish, you can contact the service anonymously.

For frequently asked questions and answers, and a checklist for summer employees, check out the info page for summer employees . Also make use of the useful working life tips and links. At least check what you should take into account when you start a summer job!

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