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JHL: The level of pay raises has now been set, public and welfare sectors are aiming for a clear raise

During the upcoming round of collective agreement negotiations, Trade Union JHL will be aiming for clear pay raises for the public, private and welfare sectors.

The Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL is happy with the current pay raise discussion related to the upcoming collective agreement negotiations. The latest information on the wage pit of female-dominated sectors requires a clear re-adjustment.

– Our principle for the upcoming round of collective agreement negotiations is that everyone has deserved their pay raise.  If you never ask for anything, the answer will always be no. Therefore, we will be demanding significant general pay raises. Welfare sectors must finally be lifted out of the wage pit, JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine states.

– According to the latest information from Statistics Finland, female-dominated sectors are still in the pit. The majority of JHL’s members work in sectors where moderate pay settlements have spurred Finland’s economic growth many times.  It is now time for the public and welfare sector employees to get their raises, Niemi-Laine emphasises.

The shortage of labour cannot be solved by wiping the floor with female-dominated or low-wage sectors.  No sector’s attractiveness will increase by offering minimal pay raises, and the shortage of employees will not be eased by suggesting more misery.

– A fair and living wage brings purchasing power. Pay raises must further equality and the realisation of equal pay. It is no use to imagine that the public and private welfare sectors would settle for any less, Niemi-Laine remarks.

– JHL furthers equality, fair working life and employee well-being tirelessly. The same goes for the collective agreement negotiations and the upcoming pay raises to a full extent, Niemi-Laine sums up.

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JHL President Päivi Niemi-Laine, tel. 040 702 4772