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JHL's Membership Service provides service to members and local branches in all membership-related matters.

The Membership Service telephone service is available from 27 June to 29 July on weekdays from 9 am to 11 am at 010 7703 430.

At the moment, there are extreme delays in our Membership Service. This makes it slower to, say, process membership forms and changes in membership information. It also affects saving/updating information in our register.

We ask you to fill in the forms with care. Missing information slows the processing.

We will send the payment information and references requested in the membership fee collection agreement to payroll administration in the order of processing. In accordance with the agreement, the membership fee can be collected from the member’s salary. It can be disbursed after reception of the payment information and references.

We apologise for the situation!

The Membership Service is available by phone at 010 7703 452 Monday–Thursday, from 9 am to 11 am.

Membership Service contact form

With this form you can notify of, say, an exemption from paying the membership fee, retirement or changes in your contact information. You can also order payment references, a collection agreement or a new membership card. By filling in the form, you can also switch to another local branch. NB: The form is secure.

If your matter concerns earnings-related daily allowance, application processing, payment schedule or job alternation leave, contact the unemployment fund directly. That way, you can ensure that the matter will be processed as soon as possible.

JHL’s membership register privacy statement (pdf, 142 KB)

You can also contact JHL by chat.

Privacy statement for JHL chat services (pdf, 133 KB)