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What do I do if my employer is requiring me to perform emergency work?

If your employer is requiring you to perform emergency work, ask the employer to show the emergency work notice filed with the Regional State Administrative Agency. If it is a question of emergency work according to the employer, the employer may extend working time by a unilateral order.

The notice must indicate the reason, extent and likely length of emergency work. The employer is responsible for filing the notice. The shop steward will state their opinion on whether the work that JHL members have been requested to perform fulfils the criteria of emergency work. The Regional State Administrative Agency will give the final interpretation on the matter.

The union monitors the use of emergency work. In case the employer does not ask for the shop steward’s opinion and sends the notice without it, the regional office must be notified of this.  If the opinion is lacking, the Regional State Administrative Agency will take that into account in its decision.