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Office-holders and industrial actions?

Public officers/office-holders can legally participate in industrial action taken on the basis of a decision of the union or association. Public officers’/office-holders’ right to strike has been restricted, however. They are not allowed to take part in sympathy and demonstration strikes nor in bans on overtime and shift swaps.

Public officers/office-holders are under the obligation to perform protection work also during industrial actions. Protection work is work that is necessary to prevent the health or lives of citizens from being endangered or to protect assets that are specifically endangered due to the industrial action.

The National Dispute Impact Assessment Board assesses whether the announced industrial action will jeopardise the society. If it does, the Board must in its decision exhort to cancel the industrial action altogether or to limit it as specified in the decision.

During industrial actions by other unions, public officers/office-holders are obliged to fulfil their normal service obligation.