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I’m on child care leave, pregnant and about to go directly on pregnancy leave. Will my employer pay me a salary during the pregnancy leave?

A new pregnancy gives you the right to interrupt your child care leave. The employee must notify their employer of the new pregnancy and of interrupting the child care leave two months before starting the new family leave.

Based on the Labour Court’s legal praxis, a person who gets pregnant again during child care leave can interrupt that leave and get a full salary on grounds of the new pregnancy. The interpretation is based on EU’s Parental Leave Directive. For salary payment, the employee’s prerequisites for salary payment have to be fulfilled. They are determined in the collective agreement, and they include notice periods, duration of employment, applying for Kela benefits, and submitting the necessary certificates to the employer. Check the content and interpretation of your sector’s collective agreement.

If the recipient of child home care allowance gets entitlement to the new pregnancy allowance, it will not necessarily prevent the recipient from getting child home care allowance if there are other children under three years of age in the family. Check this with Kela.

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