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How do I prepare for the strike?

Work normally according to the shift roster. Do not perform work scheduled for the strike days in advance. It is also not acceptable to fail to perform your work before the strike.

Make sure that you have the contact details of the shop steward, strike committee and the contact details and opening hours of a possible strike office.

Make sure that your contact information (email address, phone number, employer, workplace, occupation) are up to date in the myJHL service. We will use the personal email address and telephone number for member communication related to the strike.

–Follow JHL’s website, social media channels, member letters and other communications. Your branch and shop steward will provide you with more information on the strike.

Once a strike warning has been issued, annual holidays cannot be scheduled for the strike period.

A strike warning always indicates the time of day when the strike begins.

Once the strike has begun, you are not to enter the workplace in any circumstances. The prohibition applies to all shifts during the strike. If the strike begins during your shift, stop working and leave the workplace.

Do not leave anything in your workplace that you might need during the strike.

At the employer’s request, you must hand over any fringe benefits, such as a phone or computer.