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I fell ill during my annual holiday. Is there a waiting period for postponing an annual holiday?

According to the Annual Holidays Act, a holiday can be postponed due to illness after six days of waiting. Many collective agreements have better terms than this, however. It is always a good idea to check the collective agreement that applies to your workplace.

Disability does not, however, automatically postpone an annual holiday. According to the Annual Holidays Act, holidays can only be postponed based on the express request of the employee. The employer does not have to take the initiative to make the decision to move the holiday forward.

A postponement must be requested without undue delay. The employee must present a reliable account of their disability if the employer so requires. A reliable account usually means, in practice, a doctor’s statement or some other reliable account approved by the employer.

Check the collective agreement that your workplace follows to see what it says about falling ill during an annual holiday.

If you are not sure what collective agreement is applied at your workplace, ask your shop steward or supervisor and ask to see the agreement.