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Does stand-by fall within the ban on overtime?

A stand-by shift marked in the shift roster constitutes regular stand-by.

Working time accrued during stand-by constitutes overtime work if the day’s or working week’s working time has been reached. Overtime work that arises from this falls within the ban on overtime.

If stand-by duties have been agreed upon earlier, the employee and/or shop steward must contact the employer about the stand-by duties and inform that, in accordance with the union’s decision, stand-by duties cannot be performed as overtime work.

Stand-by does not constitute overtime work

  • If the working time arising from stand-by constitutes regular working time or additional work, it has been ruled out of the ban on overtime.
  • If the work related to stand-by is emergency work, it is impossible to refuse the work.

It is recommendable to contact the employer’s representative beforehand to agree upon stand-by duties and arranging them. One should also agree upon what actions will be taken in various situations, and how situations will be interpreted.