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How can I apply for pension?

You always need to apply for pension. The most convenient way is online. Apply for pension 1–2 months before retirement begins.

Disability pension, cash rehabilitation benefit or years-of-service pension should be applied for at least two months before the pension is set to start.

Check your pension record on the My Pension service because the amount of pension you will receive is always calculated based on the employment relationships that it includes. If the information needs to be corrected, inform the My Pension service. Read more about the pension record.

Fill out an application on the My Pension service

Fill out a pension application or application for vocational rehabilitation on Keva’s My Pension service. You can also send any of the required attachments through the service. You can view your application on the service the next time you log in.

If you apply for pension in writing, submit printed application and attachment forms and any other required attachments through the post to Keva at the address: 00087 KEVA.

Read the detailed application instructions and check which attachments are required on the page for the type of pension in question.

Vocational rehabilitation application instructions

National pension from Kela

If your employment pension is not very big, you may also be eligible for national pension. For more details, visit Kela.

After you receive your pension decision

The pension decision is delivered in electronic format to the My Pension service and by post to your home.

In future, the My Pension service is the best place to manage your pension matters. You can subscribe to the service for text message notifications when you receive new mail in the web service.

Check your pension decision. Report any inconsistencies to Keva as soon as possible. If you are dissatisfied with the pension decision, you can appeal it. See instructions for appeal

You will require a pension tax percentage for your pension as the pension is taxed differently to your salary or wages. Ask the tax authorities for the tax percentage without delay; otherwise 40% tax will be withheld from your pension.

The pension decision includes the first pension payment date.

Keva has put together a new pensioner’s checklist that includes all the information a pensioner will need.

In future, current issues and instructions can be viewed on the For pension recipients page.

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