Member magazine Motiivi and member calendar

The JHL member magazine Motiivi and its online version (both in Finnish) are publications meant for all union members. The union’s member calendar is a free-of-charge subscription product for JHL members.

Motiivi provides emotional content and information

Motiivi is a journalistic professional and organisational magazine published by JHL. The magazine reaches both decision makers and professionals. It provides information, emotional content, and tools. It gives information on current affairs concerning various professions and workplaces and keeps members up to date on questions related to working life and protection of interests.

The magazine provides information on courses, events and changing and permanent membership benefits.

Motiivi is delivered to homes eight times a year. In addition, news and articles are published weekly in its online version.

You can read the online magazine at The website also contains all Motiivi online magazines  starting from 2015.

If your family is subscribing to several magazines, or if you’d rather read your magazine online, you can cancel the paper magazine delivered to your home with this form on Motiivi’s website (in Finnish).

Also follow Motiivi’s latest articles on Facebook and Twitter!

The member calendar is a free-of-charge subscription product

A nice, handy-sized time management tool that’s always with you. You can order the free calendar in myJHL.

The calendar is posted with the Motiivi magazine issue that comes out in November. If you’ve notified at the latest at the end of September in myJHL that you wish to order the calendar, you will receive it with the magazine. If you’ve marked in your details that you wish to order the calendar, you’ll continue to receive it free of charge. You won’t have to make a separate order every year.

If you won’t need the calendar in the future, let us know in myJHL. At the same time, you should check that your contact details and employment information are up to date in the union register.

In case you forgot to order the calendar, ask for it later from your regional office or from the Membership Service.

How to order the 2023 JHL calendar in myJHL

You can already order the JHL calendar in the myJHL service. The calendar is free of charge.

If you haven’t ever logged into myJHL, read about the service and how to log in.

Once you’ve logged into myJHL, select “PRODUCTS AND ORDERS” from the menu on the left side.

If you’re using a mobile device, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen after logging in. A menu will open on your screen.


Once you’ve made the order, it will continue automatically in the coming years.

As the calendar is a subscription product, the union can diminish, say, paper consumption and costs related to manufacturing, delivering and recycling calendars. When the calendar is only ordered by those who need it, we can save our valuable natural resources.

Log into the myJHL service to make sure you’ll also receive the calendar in the coming years!