Insurance benefits

JHL has insured its members with Turva Mutual Insurance Company. The insurance policy provides comprehensive travel and leisure-time cover. "If” is another insurance company providing insurance benefits to JHL members.

Turva member insurance for JHL members

JHL has taken out a collective member insurance policy in Turva for its members. The policy includes travel insurance and leisure-time accident insurance for permanent harm.

Travel insurance

The travel insurance policy provides cover for union members under 70 years of age. If you turn 70 during your journey, you must have purchased a travel insurance policy (page in Finnish) for those journey days of the year during which you are 70 years of age or older.

The insured persons of the travel party are the JHL member’s children under the age of 15, the member’s grandchildren and the children of the member’s spouse. Also the children under the age of 15 who live in the same household and belong to the travel party are covered by the insurance policy.

Travel insurance covers treatment expenses of an illness or accident that occurs during travel. In addition, the insurance policy covers expenses caused by journey cancellation or interruption and being late for the journey.

Damage to luggage is not covered by travel insurance. Luggage must be insured separately. You should check your home insurance, because luggage might be covered by it.

Leisure-time accident insurance for permanent harm

The insurance policy is valid for all union members until the day the member turns 70.  The insurance policy is valid everywhere in the world. However, it is not valid in competitive sports or related training, or in the sports or hobbies mentioned in the terms and conditions.

The insurance policy includes compensation for permanent harm caused by an accident, but not for the treatment expenses related to the accident.

Member insurance also includes

  • professional indemnity insurance
  • contents insurance for family day carers
  • professional indemnity insurance for students

Read more about the aforementioned insurance policies on Turva’s website! (in Finnish)

Turva also provides discounts on other insurance policies to JHL members. Read about the five-star benefits! (in Finnish)

New membership benefit: Remote working insurance

Starting from the beginning of 2022, JHL provides a remote working insurance policy for its members. The insurance policy is valid in the remote working place during meals, breaks, and usual activities unrelated to remote work. It is valid indoors and in the yard of the remote working place.

Live in the here and now – protect your loved ones with a new and inexpensive life insurance policy

With life insurance, you can help your loved ones manage financially if you suddenly pass away one day. Your spouse will not be left alone with costs such as housing loan repayments, and you can help them move on with their life and routines in a familiar setting.

Turvassa life insurance is a new life insurance policy that is also inexpensive, particularly for members of JHL:

  • only €6.77/month. (Example of the price for 2021: a 30-year-old member of JHL, compensation of €100,000).

Turvassa life insurance is provided by LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Protect your loved ones at

Turva is with you wherever you go

Turva’s mobile app TaskuTurva can be downloaded to iOS and Android phones. In the app, JHL members can view their personal insurance policies and the insurance policies that the union has taken out for its members.

The travel insurance card in TaskuTurva provides cover when you travel, and it goes wherever you go. Also the union membership card functions as your travel insurance card.

TaskuTurva works with Android versions 6.0 and up and iOS versions 10.0 and up.

For more information on union insurance policies and other membership benefits provided by Turva, visit Turva’s JHL website (in Finnish).

Turva service numbers for JHL members

The national service number for JHL members, 010 195 109, is available on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

The service number for claims services, 010 195 108, is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm.

The service numbers carry the local network charge everywhere in Finland.

Benefit for customers facing unemployment or layoff

If a customer becomes unemployed or is laid off, Turva has a flexible policy on insurance premiums. Upon request, Turva grants six weeks of interest-free additional payment time to Turva’s customers facing unemployment or layoff who have difficulties paying their insurance premiums. In order to get additional payment time, the customer facing unemployment or layoff must contact Turva’s customer service for more specific instructions when the customer has received their invoice.

Turva’s contact information (in Finnish):

Turva’s organisation insurance for JHL members

As a JHL member you are insured by Turva, also when you participate in organisation activities and events. Organisation insurance is valid in Finland and abroad. It covers, say, treatment expenses of an illness or accident that occurs during travel related to organisation activities.

For more information on organisation insurance (in Finnish), visit Turva’s member site.

If insurance companySiirry tästä If-vakuutusyhtiön järjestöasiakas -sivuille

If insurance company provides insurance benefits to JHL members. Read about them on If’s union website (in Finnish).

Life insurance

Life insurance saves your family from financial trouble, in case the worst should happen to you. Life insurance is recommendable especially if your family has children or a large loan. Calculate the price by going to (in Finnish).

Life insurance issued by insurance company Kaleva.