The holiday organisations “Hyvinvointilomat ry” and “Palkansaajien hyvinvointi ja terveys PHT ry” provide financially assisted holidays.


Hyvinvointilomat ry organises financially assisted full-board holidays. In order to apply to be selected for a holiday, visit the Hyvinvointilomat website (in Finnish). Learn more and apply! The page lists all financially assisted holidays eligible to be applied for at that time.  Applications are made by using the electronic form. The form is active until the application period is over. Anyone can apply to be selected for these holidays.

A person can be selected for a financially assisted holiday on financial, social and health grounds. Hyvinvointilomat gives scores for the applications based on the information it has received. Hyvinvointilomat ry selects the participants and notifies of the selections in writing. Applying and being selected don’t require trade union membership.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health supports the well-being holidays with profits from the gaming company Veikkaus.

Palkansaajien hyvinvointi ja terveys PHT

Palkansaajien hyvinvointi ja terveys PHT organises well-being courses for adults and families with children.

The family courses are meant for families with preschool-aged or school-aged children.  The purpose is to help families exercise more and adopt healthy habits in their daily life. The aim is to find the joy of exercise by trying out different kinds of sport and spending time together.

On the adult courses, participants seek methods for coming to terms with themselves. They are also supported in making a lifestyle renovation. The courses enable you to learn about new forms of exercise, get information on nutrition, and take part in guided exercise in a nature-near environment.
Courses for adults usually last one week. The courses have been divided into three short periods of contact studies.

The study periods are arranged around Finland. PHT promotes health and well-being with support from Veikkaus.

Learn more about the well-being courses (page in Finnish). To apply, go to PHT’s website (in Finnish) and use the electronic form.

PHT is in charge of selecting the participants and organising the study periods. Applying and being selected don’t require trade union membership. Those who have been selected will be notified by PHT in writing.


SAL-lomat gives you financial support when you participate in PHT’s well-being courses. For adult courses, the deductible is EUR 25 per day. If you participate in all the periods of contact studies during the course “Pysyvään muutokseen”, you can get a compensation of EUR 50. SAL-lomat supports the members of SAK’s member unions.

For family courses, SAL-lomat provides a compensation of EUR 25 for each participant over 6 years of age.