Holiday locations

Your trade union JHL provides you with affordable holiday locations in Central Finland and Lapland. Also the affordable holiday village Livohka in Posio is available for members. The scenery in Posio is fantastic! The union also provides its members with Holiday Club timeshares all around Finland.

JHL provides holiday locations in both Central Finland and Lapland to its members and local branches. The holiday locations belonging to the union’s partners, located in Loppi and Lapland, can also be booked by JHL members. In addition, JHL members can book several Holiday Club timeshares all around Finland.

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The safety of members is very important to JHL. We ask that you take possible regional travel restrictions into account when booking your holiday destination. Separate coronavirus restrictions and instructions may apply in the destinations. Travel bookers are informed separately about them.

You can book the Suojala cabin and Koskenhovi villas directly through JHL’s booking system Lomavaraamo!

At the bottom of the page, there is a map  with the locations of all destinations available for booking.

Holiday village Livohka in Posio

JHL’s holiday village Livohka in Posio provides experiences in Northern Finland: Complete peace of nature and wonderful opportunities for hiking, skiing and fishing. The Ruka and Kirintovaara ski resorts are located nearby. The holiday village is located by the picturesque Livojärvi lake.

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Holiday village Koskenpää

A pleasant campsite and three spacious Koskenhovi villas equipped with saunas are located in Jämsä, in the village of Koskenpää. From the holiday village there is only a 30-minute journey to the slopes of Himos! The villas can be booked by all JHL members.

Learn more about the villas and the campsite (in Finnish).

Holiday Club timeshares

Go on a spa holiday at a discounted price! JHL has Holiday Club timeshares in Sotkamo, Jämsä, Tampere, Naantali, Lappeenranta and Inari.

Learn about the timeshares and read the booking instructions (in Finnish).

Laakasalo holiday home in Loppi

Enjoy your holiday by the bright Kaartjärvi lake! In the holiday home equipped with a sauna there are beds for four people. In addition, there’s a sofa group upstairs. The holiday home is available for JHL members and their families. It’s owned by “Julkisen alan opinto- ja lomatoimintasäätiö”, a public sector foundation.

Learn more about the Laakasalo holiday home and book your holiday (in Finnish).

Suojala cabin in Hartola

At the Suojala cabin you can spend your holiday enjoying a wonderful lake scenery, in the middle of peaceful nature. The cabin fits eight (8) people and it can be booked by JHL’s members and local branches throughout the year.

Learn about the Suojala cabin (in Finnish)

Book the Suojala cabin through JHL’s booking system Lomavaraamo.

Holiday home in Levi

The holiday home of JHL’s local branch 114 is located close to Levi city centre. The holiday home can be booked by all JHL members!

Learn more about the holiday home and read the booking instructions (in Finnish).

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