Additional membership benefits

As a JHL member, you’re entitled to discounts on financial coaching, dental care, eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses, online workout, work clothes and shoes, jewellery and watches. You’ll also get various magazine benefits and a membership in Finnish Tenants at an affordable member price.

Free workout programmes

Trade Union JHL provides free online coaching for its members! You can take your pick from seven courses. Each of them has been designed by a welfare professional. Take part in one or why not all of them, you’ll be done with the fastest workouts in two weeks! Join the workouts at (in Finnish).

Affordable exercise equipment 

The Finnish webshop FitBalance (page in Finnish) provides a large selection of exercise equipment, muscle care products and exercise machines. They help you exercise easily and effectively, even at home.

As a member of Trade Union JHL, you’ll get a 20% discount on all normal-priced products by entering the code JHL20 at checkout. On the company’s website, there are also various free workout programmes.

20% off on price of graduation cap

As a member of Trade Union JHL, you’ll get a 20% discount on all Fredrikson graduation caps.  The discount also concerns embroidery and cap storage boxes.

To get the discount, enter the code JHL20 in the webshop (site in Finnish).

Heavy discount on your electricity bill!

You’ll save hundreds of euros on your electricity bill during a two-year contract period, if you shop around for your electricity contract with other JHL members. All you have to do is take part in competitive tendering. You can take part regardless of where in Finland you live. The last day to join is 15 April 2022.

You can join even if you already have a fixed-term electricity contract.

The joint competitive tendering is organised by the service. Read the terms and conditions, and join! (page in Finnish)

Stylish and ecological furniture at a discount price

Mjuk is an online marketplace for second-hand furniture. It enables you to buy and sell used furniture without a hassle.

Mjuk provides a 15% discount on JHL members’ purchases with the discount code JHL15.

If you sell your furniture through Mjuk, you can get a free pick-up for them in certain localities. The service is available in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere and Turku. The pick-up offer is valid with the code JHL.

The benefits are valid until the end of 2022.

Tool for managing your personal finances – ROI app

Do you wish to get clear tools for managing your personal finances, advice on budgeting, or coaching for managing your financial affairs? Start using ROI – the app for financial coaching! A three-month period costs EUR 14.99 to JHL members (normally EUR 19.99).

Get the app from the ROI website. Redeem the discount at checkout. Click “Onko sinulla kuponki? Klikkaa tästä käyttääksesi kuponkikoodin” and write the discount code JHLROI in the “Alekoodi” field.

The ROI app gives you advice on, say, how to make a budget for your household, and how planning your personal finances diminishes money-related stress. You’ll also get tips on how to take your finances forward, and how to invest with small steps. In addition, you can participate in various courses and webinars.

The ROI membership will end automatically after three months. You don’t have to discontinue it yourself. After three months, you can extend the membership by purchasing a new period (1, 3 or 12 months) in the ROI app.

Discounts on dental care

Dental health service company Oral Hammaslääkärit grants discounts to JHL members on various kinds of dental care. JHL members will get the discounts by proving that they are union members, for example by showing their valid membership card (plastic or mobile card). When visiting Oral, JHL members should say the unabbreviated name of the union, which is “Julkisten ja hyvinvointialojen liitto JHL” (Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL) in order to get the discount, instead of using the abbreviation JHL.


  • 50% discount on the first treatment visit.
    The discount is granted on a dental examination by a general dentist or tartar removal by a dental hygienist. Please note: Only first-time Oral customers are entitled to the discount.
  • 5% discount on general dental care treatment visits.
    Please note: The discount doesn’t apply to treatment by a dental specialist, aesthetic oral care, laboratory expenses or other separately charged expenses.

The discounts are always calculated based on the valid price list. They can’t be combined with any other campaign, offer or discounted prices. The discounts also do not concern service fees.

Check the Oral locations in Finland

Inexpensive rental car for daily life and holidays

Green Motion provides a discount of at least 15% for JHL members on car rental in all its branches in Finland. When booking, use the code JHLAUTO15.

Workout and recovery – whenever it suits you

The Finnish online yoga service Yogaia provides yoga, meditation, muscle fitness and body care classes to JHL members at a member price. There are also classes for the whole family.

JHL members get a 20% discount on a 12-month membership in Yogaia. JHL members get to take part in all the classes at a member price – both live and pre-recorded classes. Try out the service for free for 14 days!

The discounted price for the first year is EUR 95.90.  The subscription is continuous, and the annual fee will be charged after two weeks unless the subscription has been cancelled.

Yogaia has over 100 new classes in Finnish and English every week. You can join the classes by using a computer, tablet or phone.

Get the redemption code by going to the member page”Erityistarjoukset jäsenille” (Special offers to members) (log in with your myJHL username and password). If you haven’t ever logged into myJHL, read the instructions for logging in.

Discounts on eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses for the whole family

Instrumentarium discounts

Instrumentarium provides significant discounts to JHL members on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. JHL members get the discount by showing their union membership card.

The membership benefits also apply to family members.

  • normal-priced eyeglasses -30%
  • eye exam by optician €0 (free)
  • extended eye exam €35 (available in some Instrumentarium stores, includes fundus photography of the eye)
  • normal-priced sunglasses -20%
  • normal-priced contact lenses -25%
  • contact lens fitting sessions: 1st fitting free of charge, follow-up fittings: follow-up inspection free of charge.

Nissen discounts

Nissen provides significant discounts to JHL members on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. JHL members get the discount by showing their union membership card.

The membership benefits also apply to family members.


  • normal-priced eyeglasses -30%
  • eye exam by optician €0 (free)
  • normal-priced sunglasses -20%
  • normal-priced contact lenses -25%
  • contact lens fitting sessions: 1st fitting free of charge, follow-up fittings: follow-up inspection free of charge.

Keops discounts

Keops provides significant discounts to JHL members on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. JHL members get the discount by showing their union membership card.

The membership benefits also apply to family members.


  • normal-priced eyeglasses -30%
  • eye exam by optician €0 (free)
  • normal-priced sunglasses -20%
  • normal-priced contact lenses -25%
  • contact lens fitting sessions: 1st fitting free of charge, follow-up fittings: follow-up inspection free of charge.

Work clothes and shoes

Image Wear

The Finnish company Image Wear provides work clothes and shoes to JHL members at a member price.  Members get a 15% discount on all work clothes and shoes.

To find the discount code for webshop purchases, go to JHL’s member page “Erityistarjoukset jäsenille” (Special offers to members). You can also access it through myJHL by switching the language to Finnish and selecting “Jäsensivu” (Member page) from the menu on the left.

When shopping in an Image Wear store, show your JHL membership card to get the discount.

The company manufactures industrial work clothes and clothes for the health sector, restaurant and hospitality services, and service sector. The company also sells Finnish work shoes.

Learn more about the products in the Image Wear webshop (in Finnish).

Image Wear is a Finnish family company that started its operation in 1959.

Discount on funeral costs

Kynttilöitä ja kuivunut kasvi pöydällä.

JHL members and their family members are entitled to a 10% discount from Memor Design on funeral-related services and products, i.e. arrangement costs, coffins, urns and coffin clothes.

The benefit is valid until further notice, the discount code is JHL2022. Give the code when you order the service. The benefit is calculated based on the valid price list.

The discount does not apply to transport, flowers, legal services, memorial service location or food and drinks.

Memor Design operates nationwide and arranges both religious and non-religious funerals.

Watches and jewellery at a discounted member price

Kultajousi and Westerback

Kultajousi Oy provides discounts to members on its products. By showing their JHL membership card at the beginning of making a purchase, members get significant benefits in all Kultajousi and Westerback stores.

The prices of custom orders and pieces of work are determined on a case-by-case basis.

The discount applies to normal-priced products. The discounts are always calculated based on Kultajousi’s recommended prices.

Watches – 15%
Gold jewellery and gold chains – 20 %
Diamond jewellery – 20 %
Silver jewellery – 20 %
Silverware – 20 %
Gift items – 20 %
Kalevala, Lapponia, Lumoava and RLP jewellery – 15 %
Kultaseppä Tarkkanen design – 10 %
Custom orders and repairs on a case-by-case basis.

The benefit is valid in all Kultajousi and Westerback 1897 stores and

E-books and audiobooks for free

BookBeat has extended its free period

Try out BookBeat for free for 40 days! During the trial period, you will get access to BookBeat Premium, a service with which you can listen to and read an unlimited number of e-books and audiobooks from a selection of over 300,000 books.

To redeem the benefit, go to: (page in Finnish).

The benefit is valid for new BookBeat users.

After the trial period, your subscription will continue automatically in accordance with the package you selected (starting from €9.99 a month). BookBeat has no set period for subscriptions, you can discontinue your subscription whenever you wish.

Magazines at a discounted member price or free of charge

“Elintarvike ja Terveys” magazine at half price for JHL members

“Elintarvike ja Terveys” is a magazine representing professional kitchen experts and the food industry sector. It provides current information on food services and the food industry sector, and on how legislation is applied.

The central topics of the magazine are own-checks of food businesses and further developing them, food safety, hygiene, food technology and quality issues. The magazine comes out six times a year. As a membership benefit, JHL members can subscribe to the magazine at half price: fixed-term annual subscription EUR 27.50, continuous subscription EUR 25. Subscribe to the “Elintarvike ja Terveys” magazine here

Telma magazine

Telma is a shared magazine of the Finnish Work Environment Fund and the Centre for Occupational Safety. It has expert articles on occupational safety, well-being at work and the changing world of work. The magazine comes out four times a year. You can subscribe to it free of charge through the link below.

Magazine benefit on employee magazine subscription

JHL members get an annual discount of EUR 10 on the subscription fees of employee magazines.

Your local branch, too, might grant financial support for subscribing to the magazines. You should ask your local branch about the financial support.

When you are subscribing to a magazine, notify that you are a trade union member. If your local branch provides a magazine benefit, also give the local branch’s contact information.

Employee magazines:

Demokraatti, Helsinki
Kansan Tahto, Oulu
Kansan Uutiset Viikkolehti, Helsinki
Tiedonantaja, Helsinki
Viikko Pohjois-Karjala, Joensuu
Arbetarbladet, Helsingfors
Ny Tid, Helsingfors

Membership in Finnish Tenants


How do I join Finnish Tenants as a trade union member?

By proving that you’re a trade union member, you can join Finnish Tenants at a discounted price of EUR 5 per year (normal membership fee EUR 35 per year).

If you’re a trade union member and you wish to join Finnish Tenants, call the member service number of Finnish Tenants at 09 4770 360 and mention that you’re a JHL member. That’s how easy it is to join.

Paying the membership fee gives you

  • Free-of-charge telephone advisory service for members at 09 4770 360. Advice on, say, tenant rights, the Act on Residential Leases, fair rental practices and the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings. (Finnish Tenants’ advisory telephone number subject to a charge at 0600 91515, €1.92 per minute + local network charge.)
  • A free-of-charge appointment with a lawyer, if necessary. Two 20-minute consultation visits per month by appointment during reception hours (€30 per visit for non-members). Commissions and written statements not included in consultation.
  • “Asuntomme” magazine, 4 issues a year.
  • Member discount on “Vuokralaispäivät” (a national tenant event) and other training.
  • Electronic newsletter concerning current tenant matters.
  • Possible other membership benefits valid at a certain point in time for members of Finnish Tenants.

Advisory services

General advisory telephone number: 0600 915 15, call charge €1.92 per minute
PLEASE NOTE! Free-of-charge service number for members: 09 4770 360

The advisory services cover

  • tenancies of right of residence residents
  • tenancies of part-ownership housing residents
  • Concerning Arava apartments and interest-subsidy rental dwellings, matters related to Arava legislation
  • Act on Residential Leases and Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings
  • Act on Residential Leases concerning non-subsidised apartments
  • instructions on fair rental practices and normal wear and tear.

Finnish Tenants has strong competence on solving problems, it has representation in the Consumer Disputes Board.

Finnish Tenants website