Membership card

Trade Union JHL’s current membership card is valid from 2022 to 2024. For members who are under 70 years of age, the membership card is also an insurance card that includes accident and travel insurance. JHL has insured its members with Turva Mutual Insurance Company.

JHL membership card of members under 70 years of age

JHL membership card of members who have turned 70

In order for the card to be valid, your membership and membership fee payments must be up to date.

As of 2022, the union’s travel and accident insurance policies are no longer valid when the member turns 70. JHL members who are turning 70 will be automatically sent a new membership card that doesn’t include travel insurance.

The current membership card was sent to members in November 2021. After the membership has been registered in the membership register, the membership card will be posted to new members. The card will be accompanied by a brochure on membership benefits, information about membership, and a calendar in case the member has ordered it.

Lost membership card

Order a new card either in myJHL or by contacting the Membership Service. The card supplier will send you the card you ordered in approximately two weeks.

A new membership card is not sent out if the member switches to another local branch or if the member’s name changes.

More information about the mobile membership card, and answers to frequently asked questions