Recommend JHL membership

Refer people to join your trade union JHL and earn hundreds of euros’ worth of JHL Bonus Award points. Each new member you recruit will increase your bonus award points. You can redeem the points for products on the JHL Bonus Awards page.

Join us in recruiting more JHL members. Together we are stronger! Recommend JHL membership to a friend. When your friend joins, you will receive valuable bonus awards.

The more members you recruit, the more points you earn for the JHL Bonus Awards online store, where you can redeem your points for products. For each new member that pays a membership fee you will earn 30 points, and for each new student member you will earn 12 points. One point is worth one euro. Read more about JHL Bonus Awards at

When your friend joins JHL, he or she will receive support and security in working life issues. JHL negotiates so that you are rewarded for your work with money in your pocket and well-being at work. A new member also gains access to a diverse range of membership benefits.

Encourage your friends to join JHL, the union for star professionals, today!

It’s a win-win for you and the new member you recruit!

Recommend JHL easily online

Recommend JHL here

Recommending us is easy. Send a message via the app in WhatsApp or Messenger, or as an SMS or email. You can use the pre-completed message or write your own.

So that we can reward you, your friend’s application form must include your membership number. Your membership number is on your membership card, or you can log into myJHL and find it under Membership details > Personal information.

If you send the pre-completed message through the recommendation page, your membership number will automatically accompany the message. If you write your own message, remember to ask your friend to include your membership number on the application form.