Exemption from the membership fee

You can apply for an exemption from the membership fee if you have no earned income.

You may be entitled to the exemption if you:

  • receive cash rehabilitation benefit or rehabilitation allowance (fixed-term disability pension) as prescribed in employment legislation
  • are on maternity, paternity or parental leave
  • are on child-care leave/home care allowance (also if you are an adoptive parent)
  • are on unpaid sickness leave
  • are unemployed and not entitled to a daily allowance from an unemployment fund, but are entitled to unemployment benefit (labour market support or basic unemployment allowance) paid by the Social Insurance Institution, Kela), or are registered with an employment office as a job seeker
  • receive a training allowance from Kela
  • are a full-time student
  • are completing your compulsory military service or civil service.

Apply for an exemption from the membership fee at your local branch or the union’s Membership Services Unit.