Hey member, recruit a new member!

Join the group of member recruiters, whether you are a JHL member, a student member or an activist. At JHL, recruiting new members is a task shared by everyone. This page offers you tools for recruitment. The union rewards you for active and successful member recruitment. You can recruit new members every day!

Join the group of member recruiters, whether you are a JHL member, a student member or an activist. At JHL, recruiting new members is a task shared by everyone. You can refer, for instance, your workmates, fellow students and family members to join JHL. The more of us there are, the stronger JHL is.

The most common reason for someone not joining a union is that they haven’t been asked to!

Let’s fix that. Be smart and ask.

You can refer people to join JHL just about anywhere:

  • at your workplace
  • during your lunch and coffee breaks
  • before and after your work day
  • on the elevator
  • when you are at a trade fair or other event with your branch
  • at an educational institution
  • in WhatsApp
  • in Facebook
  • in Messenger
  • by e-mail.

A new member may be:

  • a new or old colleague
  • a neighbour
  • a curious passer-by at a trade fair, market, or town square event
  • a student
  • someone who is now still a member of the YTK unemployment fund.

Tools to assist you with recruiting

7 +1 tips for recruiting a new member

Choose the recruitment tips that suit you. Some of the tips apply to all members, some especially to members handling shop steward tasks and JHL’s branches.

1 Member, recommend membership

Refer someone to join JHL. You can send a friend or your work team a pre-completed message by email, SMS or in WhatsApp or Messenger.

Once you have recruited a new member, you earn points that can be redeemed for valuable prizes. The more members you recruit, the more points you earn for JHL Bonus Awards, and you can redeem your points for products.

When your friend joins JHL, they will receive support and security in working life issues. JHL negotiates so that you are rewarded for your work with money in your pocket and well-being at work. A new member also gains access to a diverse range of membership benefits.

Encourage your friends to join JHL, the union for star professionals, today!

Click the image or red button and recommend JHL!

Recommend membership!

2 Member, spread the word about membership

  • Bring up the topic of union membership with your workmates, fellow students or family members.
  • Tell them or show them how they can become a member of JHL, and fill in the online membership form together right away.
  • When you recruit a new member, bonus points will be dropped into your “account”, and you can redeem them for the cool products on the JHL Bonus Awards page.

3 Shop steward, listen more

Most people like to know that they are taken into consideration; they enjoy being asked how they are doing and what’s happening at their workplace.

Face-to-face chats are the most effective, but a phone call will also get the job done. Start dialling!

  • Speak to the employees at your workplace and offer them JHL membership.
  • Ask them to join the union and its activities.

4 Shop steward, chat with people

Chat with people and listen to what they have to say – show that you are interested!


  • the matters that a shop steward should take care of at the workplace
  • if they would like to be part of making the workplace better
  • what they would improve at the workplace if they could
  • what they think is important in trade union membership.


  • them to join the team of star professionals and become a member of JHL

5 Union branch – prepare a member recruitment plan

  • How would you to have like a workplace plan drawn up by the branch for recruiting members?

6 Shop steward or branch activist, welcome new employees

Preferably face to face, but a phone call is fine, too. The key is to make contact!

For example, like this:

“Hello, welcome to the company! Have you been familiarised with how things work here? How about your employment contract, does it look ok or do you still have questions about it? We have our own shop steward here who can help you with that. Are you a member of a trade union? If not, now is a good time for you to join! The more of us there are, the stronger we are.”

7 Branch activist, make yourself and your branch known


  • your branch’s brochures and union material in the lunch room, lounge and bulletin boards of workplaces


  • JHL logos, signs, pins, stickers
  • JHL accessories, such as t-shirts


  • the activities of the union and the branch
  • the people that belong to your branch
  • how the person can benefit from being a JHL member

Make sure

  • that the information on the bulletin boards at your workplace is up to date: take down old posters and notices and put up new ones, make sure the contact information for shop stewards, branches and contact persons is up to date.

Take advantage of

  • JHL products when recruiting members; the branches can order the products from JHL-SHOP. The image is a link that takes users to JHL-SHOP.

pyöreä oranssi pohja jossa lukee JHL shop. Kuva on linkki, jota klikkaamalla siirtyy JHL shoppiin

+ 1

Contact persons at workplaces and charting

One person can’t be everywhere at once. That is why it is a good idea for branches and shop stewards to chart who at the workplace or in a unit wants to be a contact person, and how things have been arranged at workplaces.

The charting will help people work systematically when

  • looking for contact persons
  • planning workplace visits and member recruitment
  • drawing up, e.g. workplace-specific surveys.