Become JHL’s student member

Become JHL's student member! JHL's student membership is free for full-time students, and as a member you are entitled to several membership benefits.

Why join JHL?

  • membership is completely free for students
  • you will have full membership benefits
  • you will have the opportunity to influence matters through your local branch
  • you will receive help and support when you need it
  • you will be part of an amazing team!

Become a student member

You can become a student member of JHL if you are studying to be employed by one of the following employers:

  • the state, a municipality, a joint municipal authority or a church/parish
  • an enterprise or company owned by the above
  • an association or a non-profit organisation
  • a company or corporation providing services for the public sector or operating in a corresponding sector

According to JHL’s interpretation, a full-time student:

  • receives full adult education allowance from Employment Fund or
  • is primarily in school during the day
  • is entitled to a study grant
  • is studying for a degree
  • is not an apprenticeship or multiform-learning student
  • does not have a day job.

If you are an apprenticeship student, join as a regular member.

Working during studies?

You can join the unemployment fund already as a student!

If you are working during your studies, you should also join the unemployment fund. You can only build up the work requirement if you are a member of the unemployment fund, and upon fulfilling the work requirement, you are entitled to apply for the benefits paid by the unemployment fund.

In order to join the unemployment fund, you need to be employed. You should join

  • at the same time as you join the trade union
  • when you have received news of a job
  • or, at the latest, when your employment begins.

Even if you are not yet employed, you can apply for an unemployment fund membership in advance with the membership form. Please note: Your membership in the unemployment fund will enter into force at the earliest at the beginning of your employment.

After you graduate, your student membership will be automatically converted to a regular membership.

If you are a full-time student, the trade union membership is free of charge for you. When you join the unemployment fund, you will only pay the unemployment fund membership fee, which is 0.30% on all taxable earned income before taxes.

Please note: You can only be a member of one unemployment fund, even if you are a member of several trade unions.

Read more about building up the work requirement on the JHL unemployment fund website (in Finnish).

After you graduate, your student membership will end and it will be automatically converted to a regular trade union membership. That requires that you pay a membership fee or notify us of an exemption from the membership fee. Make the notification in myJHL, or contact your regional office or our Membership Service.