JHL as an advocate

JHL keeps directly in touch with municipal and national decision makers. The trade union participates in the preparation of legislation and reforms. It also brings its members’ viewpoints to authorities doing preparatory work, and to public debate.

For JHL, advocacy in society involves keeping directly in touch with key societal decision makers in municipalities and nationally. Equally, protection of interests on national and EU level (page in Finnish) is an important part of the trade union’s advocacy work. Hundreds of active JHL members also do important advocacy work. They work as decision makers in their home municipalities and in the Finnish Parliament.

Statements as advocacy

JHL participates in the preparation of legislation and reforms in working groups and committees, gives statements and takes a stand. We take active part in legislation work already in its preparatory phase. Thus, for our part, we can ensure that the personnel’s viewpoints will be heard and also taken into account.

We take a stand with blog posts

Blog posts enable the trade union to bring its members’ viewpoints, questions and development suggestions to public debate. The blog posts are a tool for topical debate. They are spread on, say, social media, giving journalists inspiration for articles.

We communicate directly to decision makers

JHL sends a newsletter to Members of Parliament and municipal politicians about four times a year. The newsletter deals with topical matters from the viewpoint of JHL and the salary and wage earners it represents.

One channel for advocacy is the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK). JHL brings its own viewpoint to SAK’s policies and comments. In the field of societal and economic policy, SAK is one of JHL’s main partners.

The work of JHL’s regional groups involves continuously investigating reform projects, monitoring them and influencing them with organisational methods and promotion of interests. Regional offices organise regional groups’ operations. The region’s active members carry out the operations together with the regional office.

We act globally

On a global level, JHL advocates for the causes of decent work and high-quality public services. In the European Union, JHL influences decisions that affect the trade union’s members significantly. The trade union engages in close cooperation with its Nordic sister unions. JHL acts as an advocate in several Nordic cooperation organisations, both in the municipal and state sectors.

Learn more about JHL’s advocacy methods on international arenas (in Finnish)