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All for all

– Päivi Niemi-Laine

In the collective agreement negotiations, JHL is aiming for pay raises that will secure employees’ purchasing power. However, the pay raises alone are not enough because of the decreased ability to cope at work.

Collective agreement negotiations are again under way in the state and church sector, and in EK’s negotiation tables (EK = Confederation of Finnish Industries). After a negotiation result was achieved on 8 June, the municipal sector’s agreement and the health and social services sector agreement in connection to it have been wrapped up for at least three years. In addition, the AVAINTES agreement has been wrapped up, at least for a couple of years. The municipal sector’s raises were significant and something that had never been seen before.

Employees have high expectations on the ongoing negotiations. After all, inflation significantly cripples the purchasing power of employees, meaning it reduces the money spent on groceries and consumption. The raises given to employees during this round of negotiations can endorse companies and services through consumption, which guarantees the success of these companies and services and benefits the entire society.

As in previous years, JHL has decided to participate in supporting all negotiation tables where negotiations are under way. We are ready to support all unions and all tables, such as JHL’s own negotiation tables, by means of industrial actions. In addition to EK’s tables, this concerns the state and the church sector. And of course, as always in the trade union movement, everyone stands for one another to achieve a level of pay raises that supports the income of employees.

After the municipal settlement, sector specificness has been emphasised in pay negotiations. It’s clear that there hasn’t been any ceiling after the municipal sector’s negotiations. The ongoing round of negotiations requires agreement related to securing well-being at work measures. Pay raises alone are not enough because of the decreased ability to cope at work.

JHL is willing to take all measures possible to fight for a fair level of income and well-being. It’s time to unite our forces and ensure that employees can feel the support of the trade union movement in their daily lives. Measures that improve everyone’s well-being should be taken at the negotiation tables. Let’s give our all for each other, together.

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