Unemployment security

By belonging to JHL, you’ll get security, support, advice and service in various working life situations. Being a member also gives you security in case of unemployment. Unemployment security is paid to guarantee the income of unemployed jobseekers.

Members of Trade Union JHL are also members of the unemployment fund. When the terms and conditions are met, the unemployment fund will give you more security in case of unemployment than the basic unemployment allowance. As a member of JHL, you’ll get advice, services, security and support in various working life situations, and even if you end up unemployed.

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How to apply for daily allowance from JHL’s unemployment fund

If you fulfil a work requirement of the Public and Welfare Sectors’ Unemployment Fund, you are entitled to receive earnings-related daily allowance from JHL (links to instructions in Finnish).

To find out how to apply for daily allowance in accordance with your life situation, visit the collection of instructions of JHL’s unemployment fund (in Finnish).

The unemployment fund website has instructions on what to do if you end up unemployed.  In the unemployment fund’s eWertti eService, you can send applications and their attachments, and check your information.

Our unemployment fund provides you with up-to-date services, also in terms of job alteration compensation.

Earnings-related daily allowance

During unemployment, earnings-related daily allowance is paid to employees who are members of an unemployment fund. Those who are not members of an unemployment fund will get basic unemployment allowance from Kela.

The essential condition for receiving unemployment benefits is that the person who has ended up unemployed registers as an unemployed jobseeker with the TE Office. Laid-off employees, too, are usually entitled to unemployment benefits.

The size of the earnings-related daily allowance is tied to your income. Usually, the daily allowance is about 50–70% of your pay. The amount of the basic unemployment allowance varies every year. All unemployment benefits include a child increment, the amount of which depends on the number of your children. Daily unemployment allowance is taxable income.

Read instructions on what to do if you become unemployed.

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