School agent

A school agent is an important link between JHL and schools. Agents give students information about working life, labour market and the trade union.

A school agent, also known as a school spokesperson, leads working life info sessions. The sessions are an important information channel for students about working life and its ground rules. School agents are also important because they often give students an introduction to the trade union.

School agents often represent the practitioners of their occupation, and they look at things from the perspective of their own work. Students will then get a look into and new perspectives on working life. Students are interested in pay, life in the workplace, and the daily life of employees representing their sector.

  • Agents take part in school events, maintain JHL presentation stands in school entrance halls, and talk to students about working life and trade union membership.

School agents are important to the union

Providing information in schools and thus recruiting new members are parts of a versatile entirety. With good implementation and resources, it will bring new members to the union and make Trade Union JHL better known.

A school agent is the contact person between

  • the union
  • regional office
  • students and
  • the school.

A school agent will

  • participate in spreading information about working life
  • recruiting new members and
  • presenting the union.

School agent training

School agents are provided with nationwide training. For more information, check out the course calendar (in Finnish).

The work of school agents is similar in all fields of education, which is why they often have same kinds of problems and ideas. That’s why it’s important to share experiences and information with other agents, and hear new tips and ideas. For this purpose, school agents get together annually during agent academy days.

Agents are paid a fee

JHL pays school agents a lecture fee, or a fee for entrance hall info sessions as an hourly fee. The lecture fee is €30/hour, for entrance hall info sessions the fee is €15/hour.

As a rule, trips to and from the destination will be remunerated in accordance with the fees of the most inexpensive form of public transport.

Possible lost earnings will be remunerated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the actual loss of earnings on the basis of a certificate of non-payment of salary received from the employer.


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