Occupational health care

Occupational health care for all employees is statutory. The employer can include medical services in their occupational health care. Take a closer look.

The employer must arrange for statutory occupational health care for all employees. The employer can, if they choose to, include medical services in their occupational health care.

The goal of occupational health care is to improve, in co-operation with the workplace,

  • the prevention of work-related illnesses and accidents
  • the healthiness and safety of work and the work environment
  • employees’ health and work ability and capability at different stages of their careers
  • activities of the work community

Occupational health care is carried out, as applicable, together with the management, line organisation, HR and co-operation organisations.

Occupational health care methods include

  • workplace surveys
  • health check-ups
  • work community work
  • participation in maintaining and improving work ability
  • monitoring coping at work and referral to rehabilitation
  • providing information, advising and guidance
  • health education
  • monitoring and assessment and continuous improvement

The employer must assess and monitor the health impacts of working conditions and the state of the work community using the occupational health care services’ expertise. The necessary measures for improving working conditions are derived from workplace surveys and workplace risk assessments.

OHS co-operation annually settles on

  • occupational health care action plan
  • implementation of occupational health care and
  • impact assessment

Employees and their representatives are entitled to make suggestions to develop occupational health care activities. The suggestions and the resulting necessary measures must be handled in co-operation.

Occupational health care’s participation in OHS committee meetings improves both the dialogue between the workplace and occupational health care and practical co-operation between the two.


Occupational health care services can divulge information on the state of health of an employee to third parties only with the express consent of the employee.

Occupational health care services can create summaries that describe the general state of health of the workplace’s employees, how it has changed and its development needs.

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