JHL is the best trade union for young people and students

JHL is the best union for young people! JHL’s youth activities are meant for all of the union's members who are under 35. The union organises youth and student activities both nationally and regionally.

JHL is the best and strongest union, also for young people. The union for star professionals fights to make sure the labour market is fair for youth. For example, JHL has long been working to achieve more detailed rules for zero-hour contracts.

The national activities for JHL Youth are meant for all of the union’s under-thirty members.

JHL is also a union for students. At JHL student voices are heard – regardless of their age.

Young person and/or student, are you not yet a JHL member? Join to ensure your rights as a student, in working life, and outside of it!

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JHL organises events for youth

Both JHL’s young members and student members have the chance to take part in the union’s activities. Shared events are an excellent place to impact JHL’s operations and, at the same time, the position of youth and students in the whole of society.

Meanwhile, you get the chance to meet other people working or studying in the same field and learn more about the trade union movement.

Young people have their own influence channel, Nuorisofoorumi (Youth Forum).

Local events and activities are arranged by the regional offices, their youth branches and local branches. Read about your area’s youth activities on the regional offices’ pages.

Welcome to JHL Youth, an influential bunch! More information on youth activities is available from union activities specialist Maria Helin (e-mail address format: firstname.lastname@jhl.fi).

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Student activities

JHL is an active union also for students. The trade union’s members include practical nurses, social workers, community educators and youth workers. Our team includes student members in secondary education, polytechnics and universities.

JHL’s student members have almost all of the same rights as regular paying members. Student members can stand for office and vote in the union’s elections and participate in the courses and training offered by the union.

As a student member of JHL you can impact, for instance, the pleasantness of your study environment. On the video, JHL student members Amma and Janette recount (in Finnish) what they have achieved at their school in Luksia.

The union arranges activities for student members year-round. JHL has been involved with the GOOM cruises for polytechnic and university students for several years now, offering members the chance to take part in the most highly anticipated trip of the year.

Additionally, JHL participates in the activities of the National Union of Vocational Students in Finland SAKKI ry, which involve visits to schools and the SAKKI cruise, for example. Add some upcoming events to your calendar now so you don’t miss out!

JHL members get to take part in local branch activities!

When you join JHL, you also join one of its local branches. Your local branch is your home base. Whatever questions you may have, it helps and supports you.

The local branch is determined according to your workplace or field of study. JHL’s local branches promote the protection of their members’ interests and professional collaboration in workplaces. Members also get to participate in courses and recreational activities organised close by. The trade union has its own membership benefits, but your local branch offers local membership benefits.

To check your local branch, go to myJHL.

JHL students take a stand, whatever the issue: How hard the seats at school are, taking the leap from school into working life, the rules of working life or the general situation of students and youth in a changing, globalised Finland.