Contact an organiser

Organising brings the trade union closer to employees. It also gives a chance to work together for a better working life. The union offers support for more effective workplace activities and for daily life questions: How is the union visible and how does it operate on a local level, how do we solve the challenges related to work, and how is JHL a stronger protector of interests at workplaces?

Organising is a method with which the trade union is brought close to employees. Organising has brought JHL many new active members – and, most importantly, young people have become excited about union activities.

When you want support for improving the protection of interests at your workplace, contact us. You can also directly contact our central office employees.

Let’s figure out together how to organise your workplace!

At your service in the central office

Mikko Siljander, organising coordinator

Mobile phone number: 050 461 9308

At your service in regions

Virpi Matikainen, organiser (Southern Finland)
Mobile phone number: 050 3298 512

Sonja Kokko, organiser (Oulu and Kainuu)
Mobile phone number: 050 327 5608

Sini Karjalainen, organiser (Ostrobothnia)
Mobile phone number: 050 3206 520

Sanna Pihakivi, organiser (Southwest Finland)
Mobile phone number: 050 4397 541

Mikael Ojomaa, organiser (Inner Finland)
Mobile phone number: 050 501 7399

If your region has no organiser, contact the central office for more information and support.

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