Better protection of interests at work

Often there is an issue in the workplace, but for some reason it can't be solved. Trade union JHL’s solution to this is working together.

There are many reasons why workplace problems can’t be solved

  • Sometimes no one wants to take responsibility.
  • Sometimes the matter seems too big or difficult.
  • The employer doesn’t see what the problem is.

The solution may be found by working together, organising

Organising means all the methods with which the employees are gathered

  • within the union
  • to participate and work together, collectively.

The method is based on listening to employee needs and employees’ expectations concerning working life – on the basis of these expectations, a JHL organisation for protecting interests will be set up at the workplace as a joint effort. Well-organised workplace activities also attract new members – the trade union becomes more powerful and influential!

Here’s what to do

In all of the union’s regional offices, there are employees who have been trained in organising.

When you want support for improving the protection of interests in your workplace, contact them. You can also directly contact the project personnel in our central office. Let’s figure out together how to proceed and what the right strategy for your workplace is.

Usually, organising is started with foundational conversations at the workplace. After that, organising conversations are conducted with the employees on a one-on-one basis with the purpose of getting an idea of the employees’ expectations.

At the same time, employees working for the cause are being sought. They could take responsibility in creating a network and collecting contact information. In the early stage, a simple protection of interests survey is also conducted concerning workplace issues and atmosphere.

The next phase is a shared event for employees, where decisions are made on issues that need to be solved and what the following steps are.

What is workplace organising?

Workplace organising is a process that proceeds in stages.  The process may last from a few months to six months.

The result of a successful organising process is a permanent workplace section or committee, which will in the future be responsible for preparing protection of interests issues together with shop stewards. In addition, a larger number of members will be involved in activities. When members get to determine shared goals, they commit to them. At the same time, the number of unionised JHL members will increase. Thanks to this, our union will be a stronger contracting party in the eyes of the employer.

An influential trade union has sufficiently many members, and also active members willing to take action for fair terms and conditions of employment. The situation in society is challenging, and the mission of trade unions is even more important. By being a member and participating in trade union activities, you take a stand for a better working life.

The union gives training in organising

The JHL Institute provides organising training. The other course lasts three days, and it gives a good introduction to organising work. The longer course lasts eight days. It gives good tools for conducting organising campaigns in workplaces with the support of an organiser from our regional office. For more information, go to our website and search with the name of the course,  “Järjestäydy – järjestämisosaamista aktiiveille”.